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Our team is delighted to introduce the 10app, an application from BrightSky Labs that makes it easier to capture and share adventures from your favorite cameras. You can quickly and easily make beautiful videos, connecting directly to your GoPro HERO, DJI Drone camera, or native mobile phone camera. This app is designed for both iOS and Android devices to help you quickly and easily edit your action videos and share them to your favorite social media.

In recent years, GoPro has evolved into one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. The GoPro HERO 4 camera continues their dominance of the action sports camera market, enabling capture of meaningful and extreme life-experiences. GoPro cameras were created to record fun, unusual or extreme sports moments, but while the camera generated high quality videos, it took too long to edit and share these videos - first you had to get to your computer to upload the video, then edit it with a complex editor, and only then share it on your social network. BrightSky Labs solved these pain points by creating the 10app.

With this application you can make high quality action videos and utilize the best features of GoPro camera, right in the moment, right from your mobile phone. Users are no longer tied to their computers. They can use their mobile devices wherever they are to quickly connect to cameras, edit videos and make them awesome, and instantly share them via email, messaging or social media. 


GoPro camera videos with an app


The task of developing a new app for the GoPro camera was difficult, but there was a clear need for an app that could make it easier to connect, edit, and share from the camera and stay active and mobile at the same time.

Sean White, CEO of BrightSky Labs, Inc., our client and the concept creator of the 10app, says that he was looking for a professional and reliable team of developers to help the company move faster on their Android development. The objective was to find a team that was able to successfully implement cutting edge image processing and video algorithms, responsive to changes common in a start-up, and prepared to face technological challenges. Onix-Systems matched these requirements.

For this project the goal of our team was not only to bring the client's vision of the app to life, but also to take into account diverse implementation challenges and user interface issues unique to the Android platform. The Onix team applied our experience and expertise in Android development to make the best possible app for the platform. Now with the 10app, users can continue making new videos again and again and share them without having to go home to edit the video material.


So, what's special about the 10app?

  • Works like magic, finding and spotlighting the best parts from your GoPro, DJI or camera phone videos
  • Add all your favorite music tracks or voice narration
  • Stunning filters from top Hollywood colorists
  • Speed up your clips or slow down your favorite parts
  • Dashboard of controls for each camera you own
  • Add a title card from your art or select from top designers
  • Quickly share to more than 14 different social networks including Instagram and Dropbox 


Click here to download either the Android or iOS version of the 10App.  


10App for GoPro camera videos


The 10 app enables remote control over GoPro camera functions and allows you to connect and control several cameras on your device. To achieve better results, the live preview option shows what the camera sees. 

Our team was happy to deliver such an innovative app to help users create epic adventure videos with GoPro HERO cameras, DJI Phantom 2 Vision cameras, and the native Android camera and let them share their videos via more than 12 social channels.