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Apple has presented a device that aims to provide a unique experience to a user and begin an era where mobile devices will simply be worn, on a wrist. Apple Watch has already raised numerous discussions on whether it is to become a revolutionary and versatile tool that will change the concept of app development.

So, what specifically will it bring to a user and what potential impact it will have on a quality of life? Let's find out.


Why Apple Watch can become a game-changer


Apple Watch technology


Here are some of the key features that describe the idea of Apple Watch and how it is going to make your daily life different:


A wearable that provides a new mobile experience.

Apple says that their Watch will enable all common mobile features, such as calling, messaging, listening to music, paying bills or getting information, but without having to take the device out of the pocket. As a result, users receive the same experience that they have on their iPhones, but now it is hands-free and less about reading.


A deeply personalized experience.

Apple Watch makes the device truly connected to the wearer. The function of digital touch enables sharing your heartbeat with a person you deeply care for, drawing fun sketches or sending a tap to tell your family and friends that you remember about them.


A new dimension in communication.

Apple Watch intends to impact the way people are used to communicate by shifting from messaging and information viewing to voice using. Voice control, dictation and commands are gradually gaining popularity in computers and cars and are slowly replacing keyboards and physical remotes. The technologies of accurate voice recognition, Apple's Siri and a small screen have a high potential of changing the communication prevalence.


Apps that allow perform any type of activity.

Because Apple Watch can solve a variety of problems, a user can choose apps that precisely meet their needs and receive a customized experience. Apple Watch will help you with shopping things you've been planning to buy, connect you to social channels, book tickets for a plane, or help you stay fit by displaying the daily progress to motivate.


Creating apps for Apple Watch is a totally new experience for developers. Christoph Burgdorfer, who has become one of the developers to participate in the development of WhereAreYou App for Apple Watch, confessed that the task was really tricky as there was no actual device to test on and even if you have it, the whole process still requires a lot of guess work.


Apple Watch in digital health care

 Apple Watch not only offers a new vision on mobile experience, but will assist in revolutionizing health care, starting an era of digital health care.

Apple has already created an open-source platform ResearchKit that will be used to conduct clinical research. One of such research groups will lead a study on daily habits and problems of asthma patients. Through the use of a mobile app on Apple Watch, medical researchers hope to track a large number of patients in real time that will help them find out how to prevent asthma attacks and what specific every-day practices will help such people stay healthier.


Apple Watch in digital healthcare


Considering the vast interest of health researchers in Apple Watch, it has a strong chance to become a tool in that will help treat preventable health conditions and will make health care more cost-effective. 

Our team at Onix is actively waiting for the day Apple Watches become available to get fully involved into the process of developing apps of a new type and adjusting existing iOS apps for Apple Watch. We are currently learning how to create new apps and are getting ready to join the global community of developers who are eagerly working to add more value to the new Apple mobile device.