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Each marketing strategy for promotion of a mobile app depends on acquisition of consumers and ensuring that they can easily find and download your app. The global obsession with apps among users will only multiply in the years to come. According to the latest estimations given by TechCrunch, income derived from app distribution will dramatically increase by 2017, reaching $76.5 billion dollars. And this is compared to $34.99 billion dollars that were received in 2014 and $45.4 billion dollars that will be reached in 2015.


Counting on a word of mouth or assuming that users will choose your app because they'll be able to easily find it on the App Store among thousands of other applications is rather not practical. But there are paths to follow to reach better download ratings for your app.


mobile app deep linking


One of the elementary promotional steps consists of app store optimization that helps generate organic traffic for an app and improve its visibility among users. Other more sophisticated marketing activities include paid ads.


We're going to specifically talk about mobile app install ads in the context of deep linking, a new marketing feature that Facebook has recently enabled. This is where marketers, who are constantly challenged by the task of presenting the app as a standout, can achieve much better conversion results. Mobile apps that utilize deep linking tactics not only increase the general app visibility through social media, but provide a better user experience, making this type of marketing more useful for a consumer.  


Converting with mobile app install ads and deep linking

Mobile app installation of ads helps generate targeted traffic for app downloads outside the app store, particularly via social networking channels (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr), YouTube and Google Adwords. Install ads are displayed on the news feed and consist of an app description, a CTA button and information on the app's store ratings.


Facebook mobile app install ads have gained the most popularity among developers - currently at least half of all top rated apps in the world are tied to Facebook because they help minimize download acquisition expenses up to 60%.


mobile app Facebook deep linking


Moreover, Facebook has enabled deep linking that allows sending users via install ads to a selected place in a mobile app and turn app promotion into direct marketing. This feature helps better conversion rates and brings more success to consumers who can get what they were looking for really quickly. 


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Two benefits that deep linking gives to your app promotion

So, with audience-targeted ads on Facebook, you can promote your iOS and Android applications and also decide what a user will specifically see once they open the newly downloaded app. With deep linking, marketers can control their ads and bring users to a specific page or place within the app instead of always directing them to a homepage.


mobile app promotion on Facebook


Here are the two main benefits that you get through deep linking on a social media channel:


  • A deep link directs a user exactly to a targeted page which promotes a specific product, offers important product details, or contains a special offer, making the ad more effective.

  • Deep linking creates a better user experience where consumers can get exactly what they thought was interesting to them when they saw an ad on Facebook.


This also eliminates extra steps for a user on the way to a desired destination, because the information is delivered in one click. 


How deep linking is implemented by developers

App developers can enable deep linking feature for Facebook mobile app install ads in two different ways through which they can create a specific landing location in the app:


  • via App Links.

This is a cross-platform standard that provides an easy solution. Before the tool was developed, creating deep links for mobile apps was a complicated task. Through this tool you can find out directly whether the link on your ad can be deep linked.


  • via Facebook SDK.

Facebook SDK that is already connected to App Links allows creating deep links through implementation methods. If no App Links were enabled, developers can choose the deep link for the ad via Facebook ad creation tool.


To help you check whether the deep link was added successfully, Facebook has created a verifying tool which is found in the app ads helper. With this option you can check whether your deep link was installed properly before the app ad is launched and viewed by your target audience on Facebook.