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In 2016, almost half of all smartphone users prefer to do shopping using mobile devices. At the same time the number of consumers who are satisfied with their quality of mobile experience is going down. The reason for this lies in the poor user experience that consumers receive when they purchase online through their mobile devices. 


What users are expecting from mobile sites?

In 2016, mobile friendly websites deliver the content for any screen size and consider usability, such as implementation of a simple design that does not require non-stop scrolling and zooming. Responsive design provides a better user experience, but it requires that users behave differently when they are browsing a website on their smartphone. The growing popularity of mobile devices has made consumers impatient, wanting to find everything they need as quickly as possible, with the least effort.Users prefer to search, ask for help and buy things in one place.


What mobile site features improve user experience?

Once a user found your mobile website, here’s what they will pay attention to:


  • Contact information and support visible and easily accessible.
  • The FAQ page and help information should be complete and relevant and answer questions of your targeted audience.
  • A well-designed mobile website will make your company more visible in search results.
  • Customer reviews on products purchased or services received through your website serve as a strong informational source for potential customers.
  • A video that explains how a product works or what the service includes provides extra information and valuable clarifications. 


Concentrating all important information in one place while adjusting the content to mobile devices increases the chances of an individual staying on you website and making a purchase. Otherwise, customers will leave your website and conduct an additional research to receive the details they need to make a decision. Currently, 70% of consumers are more willing to leave a website or app that cannot provide the information they require, but would stay if it was present.



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