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Life of developers in an IT company can be more than only working on projects on an on-going basis. Onix developers enjoy nontrivial challenges and love participating in contests. Read the story below to find out how our developers broaden their horizons.


Our company encourages participation of the team members in programming activities outside the office walls and wants to recognize the success of our younger student team members, who are still pursuing their degrees, for their participation in programming contest and to encourage them to acquire additional skills.


Last week two of our developers, Julia Nosko and Victor Turturika united their efforts as part of their university team KSPU_NotFound to take part in ACM AUCPC, an international programming contest that was hosted in Odesa, Ukraine. We congratulate them on taking the third winning place at this all-Ukrainian competition.


KSPU Not Found team from Onix

Victor Turturika and Julia Nosko, Onix developers, and Volodymyr Mikhav, student, as KSPU_NotFound team


To have a chance to participate in the final stage of  ACM AUCPC, Julia Nosko and Victor Turturika have gone a long way from a local to regional victory in the contest. This allowed them to join the all-Ukrainian league stage of the contest.


ACM AUCPC welcomed 48 teams consisting of college and university students. Each team had 5 hours to complete 13 tasks by programming them in C, C++, Java and Python.


As our team members noted, the main challenge was to find the optimal solution, both correct and complete, without reinventing the wheel. Otherwise, the automated system that checked the submitted code for each task would not accept it and each new try to submit code for the same task cost a time penalty, leaving less time for the teams to complete the contest tasks.


Julia and Victor also shared that such contests taught them a great deal about real teamwork. When there are three team members, only one computer to work at, the time running down, and a desire to win, you either learn to cooperate or fail. Also, they learned how important it is to concentrate on a task for successful completion, be able to increase efficiency and give correct task evaluations to see those that can be solved first of all without loss of time.


It is their first victory for these young teams members, but as they say, they don’t want to stop and plan to participate in ACM AUCPC next year to win.