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unity vr conference

Onix Game Development Team at Unite Berlin 2018

Unite Europe exposes Unity developers to cutting-edge technology and learning. Our team is happy to share memories of the Unite conference 2018!

ruby on rails web development

Advantages of Web Development with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails web development is fast, agile, and cost-effective. Can the popular server-side web framework benefit your business too?

create wordpress theme from scratch

How to Make a Custom Wordpress Theme?

A costly custom WordPress theme will help a business stand out, but with customization opportunities, virtually everyone can afford a great WordPress site!

wordpress web development

Affordable WordPress Web Development: Myth or Reality?

The post tells how your business needs may determine the price for a WordPress website. There are also tips on how you can reduce costs and avoid losses.

RTMP streaming

RTMP: How to Implement Live Streaming Player for Android Apps

Here you can learn how to facilitate and speed up the addition of a live video streaming player (RTMP) into your Android mobile app.

Benefits, Use Cases, and Challenges of Teledentistry in Healthcare

The Rise of Teledentistry in Healthcare: Benefits and Use Cases

Learn about how teledentistry can help take your dental practice to the next level!

machine learning

The Limitations of Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms

Poor understanding of the limits of machine learning (ML) can result in incorrect outcomes. You need to know what data is required and how to use it.

cool x logo brand design example

How to Design a Logo: 5 Tips to Create a Good Company Logo | Onix

In this article, you can find some tips for creating a great company logo for your business or startup, whether you do it yourself or with a professional logo designer.

design hackathon at Onix

How to Organize a Fun Design Hackathon

A UX graphic design hackathon creates new, time-limited challenges, but also teaches the participants to negotiate and discuss.

mobile app features

Six Real-Time Features for a Mobile App

Real-time technology ensures premier user experience with mobile apps and provides timely updates on activities and events.

how to design a chatbot

How to Design a Chatbot: Creating a Conversational Interface

Take advantage of the opportunities that messaging platforms and conversational interfaces present for businesses. Here are essential chatbot design rules.