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software development process

Software Development Process & Choosing the SDLC Model

Tips on choosing the suitable software development process model for your business.

best practices for outsourcing

Top 3 IT Outsourcing Best Practices to Consider in 2023

This article offers both tips and a step-by-step guide to engaging outsourced software development services for the best outcomes.

in-house vs outsourcing software development

In-House Software Development vs Outsourcing: What’s Your Choice?

If you wonder whether to build software in-house or outsource the job, here are detailed lists of both options’ pros and cons to help you decide.

augmented reality development

Augmented Reality App Development: 2023 Features & Cost

Read our guide on augmented reality app development. What are the key features it should have and what factors determine augmented reality app development costs?

manifest post-01-min.png

The Manifest Recognizes Onix-Systems as the Most Reviewed Global AR & VR Development Company

Onix-Systems is featured in The Manifest as one of the top most reviewed global AR & VR development companies.

virtual reality in construction

4 Best Ways to Benefit from Virtual Reality (VR) in Construction

Still in doubt about the implementation of VR? Look at these use cases of how VR can optimize and enhance your construction business. Check it out!

BLOG- Introduction to Fantasy Gaming App Development-01.png

Introduction to Fantasy Gaming App Development

Whether you want to make a fantasy football website, a mobile game based on a favorite reality TV show, or a stock trading simulation game, you’re in the right place!

software development ukraine

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Developers in Ukraine?

This article not only lists the most popular Ukrainian software developer rates but also outlines the current situation and reasons for continued outsourcing.

features of erp system

30 Benefits of ERP Systems with Examples of ERP Implementation

This post outlines the types and key features of ERP systems, cites leading ERP software examples, and fully explains the advantages of their implementation.

VR platforms

6 Best Virtual Reality (VR) Platforms for Game Development

The VR industry and game development are growing. To choose the right platform (headset) for development, it is better to know who the leaders are.

Onix-Systems is Hailed as a Clutch 2022 Leader for Ukraine’s B2B Scene

Onix-Systems is Hailed as a Clutch 2022 Leader for Ukraine’s B2B Scene

Onix-Systems is among the top-performing B2B companies from Ukraine by Clutch. Check out our blog to find out more.

fintech technology trend

Top Fintech Trends to Watch in 2022-2023 | Onix-Systems

Looking for trends that will shape the future of fintech? Read this article to find the answers about fintech industry trends to watch out for in 2022-2023.

role of software test engineer

What Does a Software Test Engineer Do [Role & Responsibilities]

Undervaluing the role of a tester in the software development life cycle can result in poor final product quality. How many QA team members do you need?

telemedicine for chronic care management

How to Implement Telehealth for Chronic Care Management

Read on to learn about the domains of application and benefits of telemedicine for chronic disease management.

how to start a neobank

How to Start a Neobank in 2023: The Ultimate Development Guide

Looking for a concise guide on building a neobank? Read this article to know everything about neobank app development.

doctor consultation app

How Telemedicine Apps Save Time, Trouble, and Money

Online doctor consultation apps can improve the way patients receive medical help. Learn how such tools promote the development of the healthcare industry.

Twilio business model

Automated Communications: Modern Way to Grow and Compete

Cloud communications solutions automate business communications. Here is an example of using Twilio Voice API for a virtual contact center.

fintech mobile app development & how much does it cost

How to Build a Fintech App: Must-Have Features and Costs

Want to create a fintech app but don't know where to start? Our article reveals must-have features, the required tech stack, helpful design tips, and cost.

how do free apps make money

How Do App Developers Make Money from Free Apps

Over 90% of mobile apps out there are free to download. But how do free apps make money? Read on to learn about the most- and least-used methods.