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VR movies apps and other applications of VR in entertainment revolutionize the industry

Virtual Reality in Entertainment: How VR Is Changing the Industry

Learn about VR movie apps and other emerging applications of VR in the entertainment and media industry, as well as Onix’s experience in this domain.

devops conference in frankfurt

Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt: Onix Team's Insights and Discoveries | Onix

Discover the exciting discoveries and valuable observations the Onix team gained during our participation in Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt.

openAI chat gpt

OpenAI’s Chat GPT-4: A New Benchmark for Language Models

Discover the groundbreaking capabilities of OpenAI’s Chat GPT-4, the latest language model taking the world by storm.

anomaly detection in machine learning

Anomaly Detection in Machine Learning: Detecting the Unexpected

Discover how anomaly detection in machine learning can help businesses identify potential problems or opportunities in large datasets.

chatgpt application development

How to Build an App with ChatGPT

If you want to build an app with ChatGPT, here you can find development tips, required tools, and costs.

chatgpt application ideas

Unleashing the Power of AI: ChatGPT Application Ideas to Consider

Looking to build a cutting-edge AI app? Discover the state-of-the-art natural language processing capabilities of ChatGPT and explore the possibilities of ChatGPT application ideas.

Onix team's participation in the Learning Pool Hackathon

From Idea to Innovation: Onix Team's Participation and Winning Strategy at Learning Pool Hackathon

Learn how the Onix team participated in a 2-week hackathon held by our client Learning Pool.

how to build a machine learning team

How to Build Machine Learning Teams for AI Projects

Learn about the process of building an efficient Machine Learning team for successful AI projects. Discover the necessary steps, roles and responsibilities, and skills required to build a productive ML team.

infinite number of chatgpt business use cases

Benefits and Applications of ChatGPT in Business Processes

If you wonder about utilizing ChatGPT for your business purposes, you can learn here about its benefits and possible applications in the B2B sector.

hotel management system features

Hotel Property Management Systems: Core Features and Benefits

Delve into the world of hotel property management systems in this blog post. Explore the essential features, advantages, and potential hurdles of these systems.

mobile app monetization

12 Mobile App Monetization Strategies to Use in 2023

Discover mobile app monetization options available in 2023 and use our tips to start generating revenue with your app!

best practices for code review

How to do a code review right – Onix’s guide

This article offers a comprehensive guide and best practices for code review to keep your codebase healthy and your software developers happy.

Project Roadmap Why and How Create it

IT Project Roadmap: Benefits, Elements & Steps to Make One

Learn how Onix manages stakeholder expectations during software development using roadmaps and how to create a roadmap for a project.

third-party api integration in mobile apps

How to Integrate Third-Party APIs to Your Mobile App

Learn everything you need to know about third-party api integration in mobile apps.

AV ISE Tech Conference Barcelona

Exploring the Frontiers of Technology: How Onix Attended ISE 2023 Conference in Barcelona

Learn how the Onix team attended the biggest tech conference in Audio Visual industry ISE 2023 in Barcelona.

How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost

Mobile App Development Cost Breakdown [2023 Update]

Read this piece to learn about mobile app development cost breakdown. What it depends on, and how to reduce the cost of developing an application.

choose a web design company

How to Choose a Web Development Company [10 Tips to Know]

How to choose a web development company without making mistakes? You can find some helpful tips in this article.

main components of the augmented reality software development cost

How to Create an Augmented Reality App in 2023 [Our Experience]

This article covers the entire AR software development process: the ideation, tech choices, development flow, and other factors determining the total cost.

java machine learning

Top 10 Java Machine Learning Libraries & Tools For Your Project

Explore the Java machine learning libraries and tools in our blog post. Discover how renowned companies leverage these technologies to drive innovation.