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how to make an app like airbnb

Airbnb-like App Development – Complete Guide

Entrepreneurs looking to make an app like Airbnb can find here a list of its essential features, the basic development process stages, and cost estimation.

hospital management software development

Hospital Management Software Development [The Complete Guide]

Are you looking for valuable tips to guide you on hospital management software development? Read this article to find all the answers.

best practices for outsourcing

Best Practices for Outsourcing Software Development in 2022

This article offers both tips and a step-by-step guide to engaging outsourced software development services for the best outcomes.

travel mobile app development

A Comprehensive Guide to Travel Mobile App Development

Looking for a concise guide on travel application development? This article answers all your questions on features, the tech side, and costs.

mobile banking app development

Why and How to Build a Banking App in 2022

What features are essential, what steps to take, and how much can mobile banking app development cost? You can find the answers in this post.

virtual reality in construction

4 Best Ways to Benefit from VR in Construction

Still in doubt about the implementation of VR? Look at these use cases of how VR can optimize and enhance your construction business. Check it out!

hire offshore dedicated development team

How to Hire an Offshore Dedicated Development Team | Onix-Systems

Read on to learn when an offshore dedicated development team may be the right thing and how you can hire one for the best outcomes.

how to build a personal finance app

Personal Finance App Development: How to Build an App like Mint

Want to build a budgeting app like Mint? This guide highlights must-have features, useful development tips, and costs. Start reading to find out more

building a construction app

Introduction to Construction App Development

This article lists a few reasons for building a construction app in 2022 and the basic steps that construction businesses and startups can take to make one.

construction industry technology trends

Innovations in Construction: 5 Trends to Embrace in 2022

In 2022, we can expect further digitalization and the advent of new technologies in construction. Here is Onix’s Top-5 of the digital trends.

in-house vs outsourcing software development

In-House Software Development vs Outsourcing: What’s Your Choice?

If you wonder whether to build software in-house or outsource the job, here are detailed lists of both options’ pros and cons to help you decide.

Maritime VR simulation development

Developing Marine VR Simulator: Improve Vessel Operations & Safety

This post lists the main benefits, features, and development stages of a marine VR simulator as well as real-life use cases and Onix team experience.

maritime safety app development

Introduction to Maritime Safety App Development

Along with an overview of marine safety apps’ advantages, use cases, and core features, Onix shares its experience in maritime mobile app development.

 accelerating software development

How to Speed Up Software Development: 11 Tips to Follow

Read on to learn how to develop software faster and better with your outsourcing partner.

virtual reality training software development

VR for Training: 2022 Guide to Create Your VR Training Solution

Thinking about implementing VR technology into your corporate training process? This guide explains VR training app benefits, its key features, and costs.

saas application security best practices

SaaS Application Security Best Practices - Onix’s Guide for Startups

This article lists SaaS security best practices for building a safe and compliant app from the ground up.

how to create an investing app

How to Create a Micro Investing App - Onix's Guide

This post explains how micro-investment mobile apps work and generate revenue, how to create an investment app step by step, and how much it may cost.

fintech mobile app development & how much does it cost

How to Build a Fintech App: Must-Have Features and Costs

Want to create a fintech app but don't know where to start? Our article reveals must-have features, the required tech stack, helpful design tips, and cost.

scaling a software development team

10 Tips for Startups on Scaling a Development Team

This article explains when it’s reasonable to scale a software development team, the typical problems, and the prerequisites of a successful team scaling.