The challenge

In 1997, when the economy was in a downward spiral, Onix was approached to build an Internet driven business solution that would be flexible for many market segments. Virtual Workflow wanted to devise a solution that would generate leads and manage them, automating as many processes as possible to allow clients to reduce their overhead rapidly. The platform needed to be modular for maximum flexibility for rapid changes in multiple industries. Additionally, Virtual Workflow wanted to use the data collected to consult with top executives and investors and report ROI on expenditures, both in advertising and actual sales. Virtual Workflow requested an agile solution in order to program a stream of continual changes to the platform they were creating.

The solution - our agile approach

Project analysis (planning and estimation) - A project manager was assigned to help plan the initial platform foundation where additional integrated modules could be added rapidly

Sprint and task planning - Tasks were divided between platform development and lead generation and management modules, with defined mileposts

Sprint development (coding) - Coding was assigned for self-contained tasks that could be finished in hours or days

Progress tracking - Jira task tracking was implemented for the client to track progress on a daily basis

Testing - A staging site was established, where the Virtual Workflow team could test programming and adjustment or approve to go live

Review, reflections and repetitions - An Onix team was assembled and honed to address constant change and new program ideas.

The result with Virtual Workflow

For 8 years, our company has worked remotely with a full time Onix team and created a highly customizable business solution platform that works hand-in-hand with our consulting. Our customers have included large home-builders and master community developments, financial institutions and other market segments. We owe much of our success to our Onix team, which continues to grow. Our lead developer has been with us since day one. They understand our business and deliver work product incredibly fast and accurately. Much of the work is finished overnight, which delights our clients and us.

Andrew Cramer
Andrew Cramer
CEO of Virtual Workflow