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Emerging Technologies




Jibo has been lauded as the world's first social robot specifically for the home. It is connected using Wi-Fi and therefore controls other Internet of Things devices, like light switches, music and a variety of other mobile devices made possible through Jibo skills. 


Many of the social networking functions that smartphones perform can be done using JIBO skills. Making JIBO a companion you can speak with to remotely control your technology. 


Being one of the first developers to have access to the Jibo platform, as early IndieGOGO adopters of the third party skill developers program for JIBO; our developers will be positioned to handle this emerging technology in advance of other developers. JIBO is the newest and perhaps the smartest emerging technology publicly available. Jibo is a social robot that uses face and voice recognition built into its platform to master a myriad of skills. 

Click on any of the skills on this page to read more about them.

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Jibo, the world’s first social robot for the home
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