Our Processes

Onix software development processes are based on an agile and waterfall models. A waterfall development process represents a sequential process, where work progress is assessed through a steady downward flow of development phases. And agile process is based on an iterative approach that ensures adaptive planning, flexibility to requirements at every app development stage and delivery of properly tested software

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  • 1. Project analysis (planning and estimation)

    Our first step is to create a high-level estimate backlog to determine the required number of people on the team, basic features, time to implement them and set the priorities.
  • 2. Sprint and task planning

    During a sprint planning phase, our team clarifies all requirements and breaks them into small tasks to make all development process phases effectively iterative and we determine the appropriate sprint duration, which depends on the type of project being delivered.
  • 3. Sprint development phase (coding)

    We ensure quick deliverables by following a fixed timescale. One project item or feature is 100% completed at a time. After approval, our team works on the next feature or item.
  • 4. Progress tracking

    The development progress is shared among the team on a daily basis using Jira or another tracking program. Updates are regularly made by each team member. Code is carefully managed to ensure delivery of the product scope at a designated time.
  • 5. Testing

    Testing is an integral part of the agile development lifecycle and is conducted for each sprint starting from the phase of requirements planning. Tests are created before the feature is coded. Every feature or item developed is tested one by one, in small phases. We use our QA team extensively to test by hand and by machine.
  • 6. Review, reflections and repetitions

    For each completed sprint, our team reviews the deliverables together with the client or client representative. This is the time when we evaluate performance during the sprint and features which might require improvements.