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Onix is a front end and back end development and mobile application development company bringing expert execution. We leverage our highly skilled team members with Ukraine’s lower cost of living to provide cost efficient outsourced IT solutions that compress the web and app development timetables.


Onix works primarily with mid-sized companies who form long-term relationships for ongoing outsourced IT needs that take advantage of cost and time effectiveness.

I promise we will provide the best customer service and high quality, on-time programming.

Roman SerebryakovDirector, CEO
photo Serebriakov
  • outsource web development team showing protection of source code and intellectual property
    outsourced IT team showing protection of source code and intellectual property
    We protect source code and Intellectual Property
    One way NDAs and Consulting contracts provide extensive protection of source code and IP. Ukraine is an active member of the WIPO.
  • three Onix team members in front of whiteboard demonstrating mobile application development services
    three members of Onix outsource web design team in front of whiteboard
    Our internal protocols insure best communication practices
    Programmers, QA and project managers are tutored weekly in English. U.S. representatives review all exchanges between clients and Onix and adjust for clarity.
  • team members of Onix android app development company seated at conference table using Skype
    team members of Onix android development company seated at conference table using Skype
    We make Time Zone differences a plus
    Drop-boxes, email, Skype and tracking tools are ubiquitous and allow for development day and night. Onix accommodates all clients time zones. Our U.S. representatives are available for immediate assistance.
  • members of Onix front end development team seated on couch using laptops
    members of Onix custom web application development team seated on couch using laptops
    We perform functional tests in the end user’s environment
    All projects are set up on staging servers. QA guarantees minimal adjustments. The U.S. team examines functionality before sending work product to clients for approval. Onix and U.S. representative are present at first live launch to guarantee success.
  • several members of Onix application development services team
    several members of Onix application outsourcing team
    Our Company stays on top of the technology curve
  • female member of Onix mobile application development company giving the thumbs up sign
    female member of Onix web application development company giving the thumbs up sign
    We take the time to understand our clients' business objectives
    Our U.S. representatives focus on learning about our clients business and their competitors. We are knowledgable about immediate, mid-range and long term plans and requirements.
Highly recommended! We took a long time to review a long list of candidates from 3 continents and we ended up choosing Onix for building our non-trivial iOS app. The job required in-depth knowledge of obj-c, Cocoa and iOS platform, animation techniques and usage of plethora of external libraries, APIs and tools. Onix devs were verbose, communicative and supportive during the whole process. We've received exactly what we were looking for, even though requirements were evolving. We wouldn't think twice about choosing Onix again and couldn't be happier that we now have an outsourcing partner for all our future iOS needs!
Artur Bodera
Artur Bodera CTO
Onix-Systems has done a wonderful job building the Jumper iOS application, I have worked with many experienced developers in the US as well as many different countries around the world and the Onix team has produced the best code base. Their protect management is on high level and focused on getting the job done on time. I am amazed how much they care about producing great applications and not just trying to earn a buck or two. Great guys to form long lasting relationships, highly recommended!
Sean McCoy
Sean McCoy
CEO & Founder Jumper Inc.
Onix-Systems has accelerated our Android development and time to market, matching our own culture with a start-up mentality and speed. Working with an external team can be difficult but Onix has been responsive and proactive in problem solving. They’ve often gone the extra mile to meet our deadlines. Our work is technically challenging and they have the relevant skills to tackle the project. We’re happy to recommend them.
Sean White
Sean White
Cofounder, CEO & CTO BrightSky Labs, Inc
As a self-funded start-up company, we aimed to create a web product that could provide a solution to all types of customers, including enterprises, and meet quality test protocols. Onix has proved to be the best partner a start-up company can ask for. They have great developers, the quality of product they supply is high, and the price is more than reasonable. But the best thing about them, is that they actually care about the product and our success, they helped us out with new ideas, with UX/UI suggestions, so now, before making any big decision, we consult our project manager at Onix.
Tal Revivo
Tal Revivo
Founder & CEO, Adoric
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