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Maritime VR simulation development

Maritime VR Simulator Development: Improve Vessel Operations & Safety

This post lists the main benefits, features, and development stages of a marine VR simulator as well as real-life use cases and Onix team experience.

virtual reality training software development

VR for Training: The Guide to Create Your VR Training Simulator

Thinking about implementing VR technology into your corporate training process? This guide explains the VR training app simulator, its benefits, key features, and costs of virtual reality training.

best VR headset for game development

5 Best Virtual Reality (VR) Platforms for Game Development

The article reviews the top 5 VR platforms and offers tips for entrepreneurs and creators to select the best VR headset for game development.

vr business opportunities in travel

Traveling Reimagined: AR and VR Business Opportunities in Travel Industry

Unlock the potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality in travel with expert insights from Onix. Discover exciting business opportunities and innovations reshaping the way we explore the world.

virtual reality museum

Virtual Reality in Museums: How VR Improves Museum Experiences

Museum virtual reality enables people to visit the world’s greatest collections without leaving their couch. What does it promise to museums and artists?

augmented reality in fitness

How to Implement VR and AR in Fitness in 2024 – Benefits and Use Cases

Explore the applications of augmented and virtual reality in fitness and learn how to implement VR and AR in fitness apps for maximum impact in 2024.

virtual reality for meetings

Meetings in Virtual Reality: The Future of Work & Collaboration

Besides the benefits and applications of VR in business meetings, the post explains how to build a VR meeting app based on Onix’s experience.

ar and vr applications

Top 10 AR/VR Use Cases in Mobile Apps | Onix

Still in doubt about the effectiveness of AR/VR applications? Look at 10 use cases of how businesses can be revolutionized by augmented or virtual reality.

virtual reality in construction

4 Benefits of Virtual Reality in Construction Industry | Onix-Systems

Still in doubt about the implementation of VR in the construction industry ? Look at these use cases of how virtual reality can optimize and enhance your construction business. Check it out!

augmented reality business opportunities

3 Universal Applications of Augmented Reality in Business

Discover what's possible with augmented reality in business and how any company can leverage AR technology to enhance external and internal processes.

VR movies apps and other applications of VR in entertainment revolutionize the industry

Virtual Reality in Entertainment: How VR Is Changing the Industry

Learn about VR movie apps and other emerging applications of VR in the entertainment and media industry, as well as Onix’s experience in this domain.

virtual reality and medicine education

Implementing VR & AR in Medical Training: Top Use Cases | Onix

The use of virtual and augmented reality technologies in medicine and healthcare education. Benefits for medical students, doctors, staff, and even medical device makers. Augmented and Virtual reality in healthcare market.

main components of the augmented reality software development cost

How to Create an Augmented Reality App in 2024 [Our Experience]

This article covers the entire AR software development process: the ideation, tech choices, development flow, and other factors determining the total cost.

vr education

Benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) in Education

Oculus Education and other projects are paving the way for extensive use of VR in teaching and training. Read on to learn more.

virtual reality commerce

Augmented Reality in Retail & Shopping: Benefits and Use Cases

AR clothing apps, marketing campaigns, and other AR experiences are pushing the boundaries for businesses. Read on to learn more about AR in retail!

maritime safety app development

Maritime Safety App Development - Onix

Along with an overview of marine safety apps’ advantages, use cases, and core features, Onix shares its experience in maritime mobile app development.

hire virtual reality developer

How to Hire Developers for VR and AR Projects

Read on to learn where you can find a suitable VR/AR app dedicated team or individual experts and what things to consider.

augmented reality in elearning

How AR/VR Technologies Impact eLearning Effectiveness

This article will enlighten you on the role of augmented and virtual reality in education currently and in the future.

How to Use AR/VR in Business and Marketing

How to Use AR/VR in Business and Marketing – Part II

After a post about product promotion and try-before-you-buy opportunities, this one discloses more virtual and augmented reality business applications.