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Onix: your choice in outsourcing development

Onix provides tailored development services for customers from more than 13 countries around the world. Graphical design services, web and mobile development have become a strong foundation for our company’s professional growth.

After more than 16 years of successfully rendering custom software development services, we have mastered the highest standards of customer service and know that an individual solution is a basic requirement that can take a project to a successful launch. We have established a well-defined software development cycle that ensures product quality, helps meet deadlines and sticks to a client’s budget limits.


Based on an accumulated experience of success and our efforts to grow a team of skilled professionals, we have expanded our scope of software development services to introduce Unity3D, IoT and VR divisions at Onix as well.

Currently, Onix provides a wide range of development services that includes both well-known technologies and continually emerging cutting-edge technologies. We have the necessary expertise in these areas and we keep them in our focus as we continually learn to use them.

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BSTEVR - Simulator of NFL Games

Web applicationWeb development
  • Online simulator of football games
  • Automated generation of texts about such games’ events and results
  • Database that has accumulated data about all NFL players and matches for over 50 years

Wine Picker

Providing a perfect wine-food match at a particular restaurantAndroid/iOS development
  • Front/back-end wine list data search
  • Wine selection from a wine list at a specific restaurant
  • Built-in independent social component


SaaS to improve marketing campaign efficiency and grow conversionsWeb development
  • Vanilla JS lightbox editor
  • Real-time data on marketing activities
  • Built-in analytics to measure marketing efficiency


Hybrid integration SaaS platform for large and mid-sized businessesUI/UX Design
  • Visualization of complex technology processes
  • Parallax effect and smooth animation
  • Speed illustration with Gantt chart and screenshot explanations
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Our approach to custom software development

Onix teams of developers and designers consist of enthusiastic experts whose skill levels makes it possible to complete over 500 projects each year.

Onix takes care of its development teams by encouraging regular self-development and training to keep up with the latest technologies, increase productivity and creativity, and keep the product quality standards at highest.

Onix never stops growing and nurturing the team’s expertise, helping them make their way from a junior to a technical lead and senior developer as they continually acquire a growing set of programming skills. Equipped with the newest technology tools, our software developers create custom websites and mobile apps that reflect present-day trends in user experience, responsive design, and features.


Our company competently builds solutions for all types of web and mobile projects, including e-commerce, social media, business automation platforms, education, finances, media and entertainment, traveling, and mobile app games. After the launch, we provide maintenance assistance and readily address any changes and updates to improve the performance of a website or mobile application.

About development process at Onix

Our development service model is fully transparent and efficient. We have grown our team from 8 developers to more than 100. To keep the development processes in teams under control and also ensure customer satisfaction, we use both an agile and waterfall approach (where needed).

In the case of a waterfall methodology, customers define their project requirements at the beginning of a development process. As a result, the deadline and budget for the project are also determined at the start. The customer receives software produced according to previously discussed requirements and customer development vision.


The agile approach is more flexible and allows you as a customer to be directly and constantly involved in the development cycle, receive feedback from your team after each sprint, make changes to the requirements or add new features during any stage of the development process, and effectively and quickly handle such changes. As a result, you create a strong collaboration with your team and a better understanding of each development stage.

How we make development different

Onix software developers are well-trained and gifted professionals who have gained many years of knowledge and experience. We believe in three key ingredients that help make our development process accomplished:

Developing effective teams

We take technology expertise as our top priority because only experts can complete complicated tasks and bring a final result in a timely manner. This is why Onix development cycle embraces both the latest technologies and effective implementation methods. Also, our projects are always overseen by trained managers that stay in touch with customers and make sure our vision and development match your idea.

Blending flexibility and experience

Our team professionally transforms unstructured ideas into easy to understand technical description documents, develops working prototypes to visualize the concept in details, and searches for the best technology strategies and solutions. Our goal is to make the whole development process smooth and comprehensive for all parties involved.

Ensuring smart collaboration

As a service provider, we guarantee high performance for our teams, custom software solutions and attention to all details. All projects go through a thorough assessment, specification development, implementation aligned with your business needs, and code maintenance and updates.

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