Our industry expertise in software development will help you transform your business


We provide software development for the following industries:



  • Online Learning Apps
  • eLearning Platforms
  • Corporate Training
  • Mobile Learning
  • VR/AR Solutions

Onix will help you design and develop eLearning apps and websites that provide online training and education in a user-friendly and engaging format for employees, students and other target groups.



  • Health monitoring solutions
  • Medical CRM
  • Healthcare mobile apps
  • Medical data management
  • Patient care management

Onix will help you solve software development challenges with custom solutions that automate business processes, improve treatment outcomes and the patient’s experience, boost productivity, and reduce operating costs.

More of Onix’s expertise

  • backgroundcryptocurrency


  • backgroundhealthcare

    Healthcare services dev and UI/UX

  • backgroundcaregiving


  • backgroundhealthInsurance

    Health Insurance

  • backgroundfitness

    Fitness and sports UI/UX

  • backgroundfinancial

    Financial systems UI/UX design

  • backgroundapartment

    Apartment reservation systems

  • backgroundcar

    Car rental

  • backgroundtourism

    Tourism and booking systems design

  • backgroundreal_estate

    Real estate

  • backgrounderp_design

    ERP systems design and development

  • backgroundprinting

    Online printing services

  • backgroundretail


  • backgroundsaas

    SaaS design

  • backgroundvideo

    Video streaming

  • backgroundux_audit

    UX audit

*Digital wallet for cryptocurrency development and design, cryptocurrency network launch

We can help you design and implement your custom tech solution and make the software development cost-efficient and flexible.

You can contact us directly or check our industry expertise to find out more about the Onix team’s skills.
What competitive advantages can a software development company with more than 20 years on the market offer to startups and established businesses?

First of all, it is the vast expertise that it has accumulated after years of working with customers that come from different business industries.


It is also the true-to-life business knowledge and proven engineering skills that help transform technological ideas into working IT solutions for different business areas.

After more than 20 years of offshore development experience, Onix’ software development expertise covers a variety of business sectors, including eLearning, financial technology, healthcare and insurance, fitness and sports, SaaS, ERP systems, video streaming apps, real estate, retail, online printing services, and more.

Onix leverages the capabilities of VR/AR, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and other disruptive technologies to deliver complex software solutions in different industries.

How we can help you

Discovery Stage
This is where your collaboration with Onix team can begin. During the discovery stage, our software architects explores the project implementation. Why do we believe this stage is crucial for successful software product delivery?

Our experts conduct a feasibility check and select the right technology stack that will fit your software product needs. We prepare the technical requirements for the project implementation, determine possible risks that might happen during the development stage, and help prevent budget overrun. As a result, you reduce the time and cost of software development, and the workflow becomes more predictable.
Development Stage
During the development process, our team works on the project implementation, following the agile approach. All source code is securely stored in privately hosted repositories powered by GitLab. We take care of on-time and on-budget development.

After each iteration, we share with you the current result of the development process. It makes tracking the progress much more manageable, and you feel confident about our developers' skills and expertise. Our project manager will keep you informed of each step the team is making and prepare daily and weekly reports. The code we create is tested during the whole development process, so we can deliver an excellent software product and make it ready for launch.
Release Stage
Before the release, we confirm that the software product meets both your and your end-user needs according to the initial requirements.

The newly built and tested app or website is then moved to production. This includes data and components transfer. If it is an app, we prepare it for submission and approval so it goes through the launch as fast as possible. After the release, Onix’ experts can help you with the further software upgrade and fine-tuning of the website or app according to real users’ feedback and its performance.

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