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Top Trends That Will Impact Digital Fitness Industry in 2023 and Beyond

Top Trends That Will Impact Digital Fitness Industry in 2023 and Beyond

Learn about the top fitness technology trends over the next 5 years, including technological innovations and a shift in consumer focus.

nutrition planning app development

Diet Planner App Development – Onix’s Guide

Read on to learn how to build a nutrition planning website or mobile app, what features to include, how much it may cost, and how it can generate revenue.

clinical trial management software

Clinical Trial Management System Software Development

The development of clinical research software may be lucrative: it offers many advantages for biotech and pharma companies and research centers.

telemedicine for chronic care management

How to Implement Telehealth for Chronic Care Management

Read on to learn about the domains of application and benefits of telemedicine for chronic disease management.

doctor consultation app

How Telemedicine Apps Save Time, Trouble, and Money

Online doctor consultation apps can improve the way patients receive medical help. Learn how such tools promote the development of the healthcare industry.

Benefits, Use Cases, and Challenges of Teledentistry in Healthcare

The Rise of Teledentistry in Healthcare: Benefits and Use Cases

Learn about how teledentistry can help take your dental practice to the next level!

walk and run tracking app development

Walk and Run Tracking App Development: Technology, Cost, and Functionality

In this article, you can learn about the tech stack, functionality, and costs required to build a run tracking app.

hospital management software development

Hospital Management Software Development [The Complete Guide]

Are you looking for valuable tips to guide you on hospital management software development? Read this article to find all the answers.

mental health app development

Mental Health App Development in 2023: Complete Guide

If you are looking to create a mental health app from scratch or update your existing mobile solution, you can find helpful tips and ideas here.

fitness mobile application development

Fitness App Development: The Complete Creation Guide for 2023

Check out our full guide on fitness mobile app development: what it is, key benefits, types, features and how much it costs.

augmented reality in fitness

Why and How to Implement VR and AR in Fitness Apps in 2023

This article lists the benefits, popular applications, and the basic steps to augmented and virtual reality fitness app development.

What Is Interoperability in Healthcare and How It Should Be Achieved

Why and How to Achieve Interoperability in Healthcare IT

Learn about the IT interoperability standards in healthcare, the benefits of compliance, possible implementation challenges, and how to overcome them.

A Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Fitness Website From Scratch

A Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Fitness Website From Scratch by Onix

In this article, we will share everything you need to know when building your personal fitness website.

How is Salesforce used in healthcare

How Custom Salesforce App Development Сan Boost Your Healthcare Organization

Learn how custom Salesforce app development benefits healthcare organizations.

doctor appointment booking system

How to Develop a Doctor Appointment Booking System

This article lists the main benefits and features of online doctor appointment booking as well as the stages of such patient and doctor app development.

healthcare data security

Mobile Development with an Eye on Health Data Security

Here are tips on building a useful and profitable mobile medical app that will meet all applicable healthcare security requirements.

HIPAA compliance software development

HIPAA-compliant Software Development – Complete Guide

What is HIPAA compliance? Why is it important? How to ensure you are developing a HIPAA-compliant app? Read on to find the answers.

developing a telemedicine app

How to Build a Telemedicine App for Healthcare

To build a thriving telemedicine app, you should know some vital aspects. See relevant data on telehealth app development, security tips, and costs.

healthcare technology trends

2023’s Technology Trends In The Healthcare Industry - Onix Systems

The role of technology in healthcare has reshaped how we look at patient-care, hospital management, discovering and innovating better drugs, and predicting the course of treatment based primarily on data.