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How to Build a Machine Learning Model

How to Build a Machine Learning Model for Your Business

Companies interested in building machine learning models can find here prerequisites, best practices, and real-life examples of ML model development.

Onix-Systems Recognized as a Clutch Global Leader for 2023

Onix-Systems Recognized as a Clutch Global Leader for 2023

Clutch recently announced that Onix-Systems is one of the winners of the 2023 Global Award!

how to build a grocery app

Building a Grocery App in 2024 – Tips from Onix

Learn about the basic steps of grocery mobile app development, what app features are essential, and why it’s a worthwhile investment.

full-cycle software development company

Onix-Systems Honored as a Clutch Champion for 2023

Onix-Systems achieved the prestigious title of a 2023 Clutch Champion, acknowledged by Clutch—the foremost global marketplace for B2B service providers

RTMP streaming

RTMP: How to Implement Live Streaming Player for Android Apps

Here you can learn how to facilitate and speed up the addition of a live video streaming player (RTMP) into your Android mobile app.

AI chatbots in healthcare

Healthcare Chatbots: 7 Ways They're Disrupting the Sector

Explore the advantages of healthcare chatbots, from instant medical advice to efficient appointment scheduling. Discover real-life use cases and learn how Onix can help.

hotel booking app development

How to Create a Mobile Booking App [+ Free Guide]

To build a winning hotel booking app, you should know some vital aspects. This guide highlights must-have features, useful development tips, and costs.

hand tracking and gesture recognition using artificial intelligence

Hand Tracking and Gesture Recognition Using AI: Applications and Limitations

Explore the business applications and limitations of hand tracking and gesture recognition using AI. Discover innovative solutions transforming industries and learn about the challenges shaping the future of human-computer interaction.

healthkit and google fit

Using HealthKit and Google Fit for Fitness Apps in 2024

Maximize fitness app potential with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit for fitness apps. A comprehensive guide to revolutionizing fitness experiences.

how do free apps make money

How to Monetize Free Apps – Tips for App Developers | Onix

If you plan to build a mobile app or game, read on to learn how to make money from a free app using various monetization methods.

How to Design a Travel Booking Platform

How to Design a Travel Booking Platform: Best Practices | Onix

Discover top-notch strategies and expert insights on designing an exceptional travel booking platform.

7 Reasons Why Python is Best for AI, ML, and Deep Learning

7 Reasons Why Python is Best for AI, ML, and Deep Learning

Explore why Python is best for AI, ML, and deep learning. Discover its versatility and powerful libraries, making it a top choice.

travel mobile app development

Travel Mobile App Development: Features & Cost [Complete Guide] | Onix

Looking for a concise guide on travel mobile application development? This article answers all your questions on features, the tech side, and costs.

Maritime VR simulation development

Maritime VR Simulator Development: Improve Vessel Operations & Safety

This post lists the main benefits, features, and development stages of a marine VR simulator as well as real-life use cases and Onix team experience.

virtual reality training software development

VR for Training: The Guide to Create Your VR Training Simulator

Thinking about implementing VR technology into your corporate training process? This guide explains the VR training app simulator, its benefits, key features, and costs of virtual reality training.

ux audit

User Experience (UX) Audit: Benefits & How to Do It for Website

A professional user experience (UX) audit can bring significant data-driven changes to your website, increasing both customer satisfaction and ROI.

payment gateway for travel website

Unlock Seamless Transactions: Navigating the Perfect Payment Gateway for Travel Website

Discover the essential factors for choosing the perfect payment gateway for a travel website. From security and accepted payment methods to user experience and scalability, make informed decisions for seamless transactions.

automation in health and fitnes

Automation in Health and Fitness: Main Reasons to Automate

Discover why embracing automation in health and fitness is vital for success in this dynamic sector.

travel booking API integration

Travel APIs: Types, Benefits, Best APIs, and How to Choose Them | Onix

Read on to learn how travel APIs work, about their benefits and integration, how to choose an API for your travel website, and what some of the best booking API providers are.