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Onix-Systems is recognized as the top software development company in Ukraine by GoodFirms

Onix-Systems Enlarges Your Business's Tech Dimensions Efficiently and Scalably

Onix-Systems is featured as the top software development company in Ukraine by GoodFirms.

Top Trends That Will Impact Digital Fitness Industry in 2023 and Beyond

Top Trends That Will Impact Digital Fitness Industry in 2023 and Beyond

Learn about the top fitness technology trends over the next 5 years, including technological innovations and a shift in consumer focus.

data modeling tools

The 6 Best Data Modeling Tools in 2023 [Free & Open Source]

This post highlights some open-source and free data modeling tools that can facilitate effective data management for your business.

the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: What Is Happening And How You Can Help

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has put to the test not only our people but also global communities, governments, and tech industries. Speak up and help now!

nutrition planning app development

Diet Planner App Development – Onix’s Guide

Read on to learn how to build a nutrition planning website or mobile app, what features to include, how much it may cost, and how it can generate revenue.

how much does it cost to build a saas platform

SaaS Software Development Costs [Detailed Overview] - Onix’s Guide

If you are thinking about starting a SaaS business, here you can learn about the key SaaS components and the possible cost of building a SaaS product.

how to make a prototype of an idea

How to Turn Your Idea Into a Prototype: Step by Step

Have a product idea to prototype? Check this article to know how to turn your idea into a reliable product!

virtual reality training software development

VR for Training: The Guide to Create Your VR Training Simulator

Thinking about implementing VR technology into your corporate training process? This guide explains the VR training app simulator, its benefits, key features, and costs.

 app design price

Mobile App Design Cost: How to Estimate an App Design Price - Onix

Looking for mobile app design cost? In our article, you'll learn what factors influence an app design price and how to reduce design costs.

trends in mobile app development

Top 8 Latest Trends Driving Mobile App Development in 2023

If you want to be up-to-date with the new technologies in mobile app development, read our recent blog post and learn about the 8 latest trends in 2023.

clinical trial management software

Clinical Trial Management System Software Development

The development of clinical research software may be lucrative: it offers many advantages for biotech and pharma companies and research centers.

VR movies apps and other applications of VR in entertainment revolutionize the industry

How Virtual Reality (VR) Is Changing the Entertainment Industry | Onix Systems

Learn about VR movies apps and other emerging applications of VR in entertainment, their commercial potential, and Onix’s experience in this domain.

Clutch Recognizes Onix-Systems as one of the Top 1000 Companies on their Platform

Clutch Recognizes Onix-Systems as one of the Top 1000 Companies on their Platform

Onix-Systems is among the top 1000 companies by Clutch. Check out our blog to find out more.

dating app developers

How to Make a Dating App from Scratch & Succeed | Onix-Systems

Don't know how to create a dating app and need valuable insights? Our article reveals core features, helpful design and development tips, and cost.

create e learning website

How to Build an Online Courses Website From Scratch

Find out how to create a website for your e-learning course in this step-by-step guide.


Why and How to Implement QR Code for Payments

This article explains how a QR code works for payment processing, in what fields they are already used successfully, and why.

building e-commerce site

How to Build an eCommerce Website (Timeline & Costs)

Here you will find answers to questions about how to build a custom e-commerce website, online store, or platform.

offshore team communication

10 Tips to Provide a Communication Strategy for an Offshore Team

Here are some best communication practices for entrepreneurs, product managers, and CTOs to improve work with offshore software development teams.

scaling a software development team

10 Tips for Startups on Scaling a Development Team

This article explains when it’s reasonable to scale a software development team, the typical problems, and the prerequisites of a successful team scaling.