The Onix story

six Onix team members collaborating on web application development

Our cutting-edge web and mobile application development company currently has more than 100 team members and is growing rapidly. Onix now occupies three large floors in an ultra modern environment and a ground floor education center, capable of comfortably supporting 200 team members.

Our executive team in Ukraine

Our executive team guides Onix with a focus on consistency of high quality customer service and continually educating our team members to provide quality programming in established and emerging technologies.

Our executive team in the Ukraine

Our executive team in the U.S.

We are dedicated to understanding your company’s processes and needs in depth and establishing close relationships with you. We pride ourselves on communicating your requirements clearly and effectively to Onix to ensure rapid and accurate delivery of work product.

Onix and international clients

Onix and international clients
Onix and international clients - map 1Onix and international clients - map 2Onix and international clients - map 3
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