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healthkit and google fit

Using HealthKit and Google Fit for Fitness Apps in 2024

Maximize fitness app potential with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit for fitness apps. A comprehensive guide to revolutionizing fitness experiences.

automation in health and fitnes

Automation in Health and Fitness: Main Reasons to Automate

Discover why embracing automation in health and fitness is vital for success in this dynamic sector.

fitness mobile application development

Fitness App Development: The Complete Creation Guide for 2024

Check out our full guide on fitness mobile app development: what it is, key benefits, types, features and how much it costs.

build a yoga app

Your Ultimate Guide to Yoga Mobile App Development

Navigate through the types, features, benefits, and costs of developing yoga mobile app with our definitive guide.

continuous meditation app development like Headspace or Calm

How to Create a Meditation App Like Headspace or Calm: Features & Tips | Onix

Read on to learn about mindfulness apps’ features and the main steps and approximate cost of meditation app development.

augmented reality in fitness

How to Implement VR and AR in Fitness in 2024 – Benefits and Use Cases

Explore the applications of augmented and virtual reality in fitness and learn how to implement VR and AR in fitness apps for maximum impact in 2024.

create a fitness and nutrition app

How to Build a Fitness and Nutrition App Like MyFitnessPal?

Learn how to build a fitness app like MyFitnessPal with this comprehensive guide.

how to make an app like strava

A Complete Guide to Developing Apps Like Strava: Features & Best Practices | Onix

From identifying key features to monetization strategies, this guide provides insights and tips to ensure successful app development like Strava.

 Why and How to Develop a Mental Health App

Mental Health App Development – A Complete Guide

If you are looking to create a mental health app from scratch or update your existing mobile solution, you can find helpful tips and ideas here.

Top Trends That Will Impact Digital Fitness Industry in 2023 and Beyond

Top Fitness Industry Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

Learn about the top fitness technology trends over the next 5 years, including technological innovations and a shift in consumer focus.

nutrition planning app development

Diet Planner App Development – Onix’s Guide

Read on to learn how to build a nutrition planning website or mobile app, what features to include, how much it may cost, and how it can generate revenue.

walk and run tracking app development

Walk and Run Tracking App Development: Technology, Cost, and Functionality

In this article, you can learn about the tech stack, functionality, and costs required to build a run tracking app.

A Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Fitness Website From Scratch

Fitness Website Development: How to Create Website From Scratch? | Onix

In this article, we will share everything you need to know when building your personal fitness website.

how to make an MVP for fitness app

How to Build an MVP for a Fitness App in 2024

Building a minimum viable product (MVP) helps to validate your idea. Read on to learn about the steps to build an MVP for a fitness app and its essential features.