About Ukraine

Ukraine is the largest country entirely within Europe and has been inhabited since 32,000 BC. Following independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine declared itself a neutral state.

In the 2000s, the government began leaning towards NATO, and a deeper cooperation with the alliance was set by the NATO-Ukraine Action Plan signed in 2002. The Ukrainian population is decidedly Western oriented, young and peaceful.

Currently, Ukraine is leading European countries in technology. With a 99.7% literacy rate and a government that supports technology growth, Ukraine is turning out more than 16,000 new information technologists every year from its Universities. A country that used to be known as the “Breadbasket of Europe” has become a “Technology Center of Europe.“

National Holidays in Ukraine 2023
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Credit to Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine

Because of its size, most people do not understand that the conflict in Eastern Ukraine is so far away from Kropyvnytskyi, home city of Onix, that there is no unrest anywhere in the area. A good example would be the effect working in San Francisco would have from a skirmish of rebels in New England.

Honest and hard working, Ukrainians are proud of their modern technology centers and due to the favorable exchange rate, the country is seeing a boom in business worldwide because of the availability of highly skilled technologists that produce work product that is high quality, well tested and on time.