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Onix Exemplifies Experience, Expertise, and Quality in App Development

Finding a reliable mobile development provider may be a decisive factor for many businesses’ success. Founded in 2000, Onix is proud to count among its outsourcing services mobile app development for the vast Android ecosystem of smartphones, tablets, Android TV, wearable devices, and multiple Android versions.
Onix has years of experience in delivering a broad range of services, from product discovery through post-launch support, for startups, small, medium-sized, and large enterprises around the world.
Our experts can execute your mobile app project from A to Z according to your documented requirements and within the approved budget. Onix will also help your company leverage the most suitable, up-to-date technologies as the changing market or your business objectives may command.

Effective Product Discovery

Product discovery stage

The first stage of every successful software development project

Our Expertise

  • -B2B / B2C Booking Engine Development
  • -Travel Website and Mobile App Design and Development
  • -Travel APIs integration

Our Case Studies

BSTEVR - Simulator of NFL Games

Web applicationWeb development
  • Online simulator of football games
  • Automated generation of texts about such games’ events and results
  • Database that has accumulated data about all NFL players and matches for over 50 years

Wine Picker

Providing a perfect wine-food match at a particular restaurantAndroid/iOS development
  • Front/back-end wine list data search
  • Wine selection from a wine list at a specific restaurant
  • Built-in independent social component

Why Choose Onix As Your Android App Development Team?

We are passionate about innovation and technology, ensuring that you get the best flexible app development services without burning a hole in your pocket. We deliver technology solutions beyond your expectations. We adhere only to the best Android development structural standards, and our competency and expertise in the Android ecosystem enables us to build and support Android platforms that complement your company needs and vision of mobile application. Our customer service associates are specially trained in Android application services, provide personalized assistance 24/7. As an expert freelance Android developing company, we provide immediate application development and support services.

What makes us different from the rest of the application developers? As a proven software development outsourcing provider based in Ukraine, we ensure cost-efficient outsourced IT solutions for mobile systems (phones, Android TV, tablets and Android Wear). Our services include extensive protection of source code and IP. Furthermore, our internal protocols insure best communication practices, with our U.S. representatives reviewing all exchanges between clients and Onix for clarity to avoid miscommunication at any stage of application development.

Android development

By taking time to understand our clients' business objectives and vision, Onix focuses on learning about our client’s business and their competitors’ business as well. This is needed to enact immediate, mid-range, and long-term plans and requirements in an efficient and competent manner. With our expertise and application development partners, we stay on top of the technology curve of our specializations which include web development, iOS development, Android development, and emerging technologies.

Our Typical Project Flow with Android Application Development

While you are concentrating on the different aspects of your business, we are behind the scene employing our efficient Android app development process which starts with conceptualizing until the release and submission of the application to the Play Store.

The Android app development process involves these steps:

  • Discovery
    This concerns the Requirements Analysis, Tech Feasibility, and App Monetization.
  • UX/UI Mobile Design
    We act on IA, Wireframes, Concept Design, UI Design, and Micro-interactions.
  • Architecture
    We define MVC Modules, create Frameworks and Reusable Components, define Network Layer, Database Layer, and UI Layer.
  • Development
    We work on UI and Functionality Development, Integration, Backend Development, Code Review, Retrospective Reviews, and Unit Testing.
  • Quality Assurance
    We scrutinize and evaluate the Unit, Functional, Integration, Usability, and Performance Testing of the Android mobile application on Actual Devices.
  • Intermediate Release
    Upon inspection and approval, we ensure Continuous Integration, Ad-Hoc Release, Test Flight, App Beta Testing, and Feedback Incorporation.
  • Application Readiness
    We present the App Submission Checklist, Application Information, App Visuals Review, Screenshots, Video, Icon, and App Store Optimization.
  • Application Submission / Distribution
    We are prepared for App Submission, App Store Approval Assessment, App Transfer Assessment, Post Approval Testing, Enterprise Distribution, Custom B2B, and MDM
  • Post Launch
    We continue to support the app and monitor Crashes, Actionable Analytics, use Engagement Support, App Marketing Support, Optimization, Continuous Improvement of the Application.

What do we have to offer

Our Android product development services include the following:

Maps and Geolocation

Through the Geolocation and map tools, we can deliver apps that require resolving issues with display and analysis of itinerary. And with the help of OpenStreetMap, we can provide solutions that allow users to work with offline maps and implement maps with a direct access to a GPS receiver.


By tapping advertising networks, customers will know about your apps ensuring the downloading of your apps. We assist with monetizing Android applications, and choose WebView for most integrations. Additionally, we use advertising network integrators that help speed up the integration process of several advertising providers, to make sure their set-up without recompilation of the mobile application.

In-App Purchases

We can develop tools that allow Android application users to purchase items within the app itself, making it convenient for users to invest in the app. We can integrate not only standard mobile payment services from Google Play for Android apps, but also apply other payment systems which allow our apps to be distributed via other international markets.

Social Conversations

Social networking allows people around the world to interact in a variety of social platforms using mobile apps. We can integrate Android applications with the most powerful social media channels, and messengers, making the registration process for users as simple as possible, and allowing the app to receive all necessary information from a user's social media profile.

Android Data Access

We use a variety of technology tools with interfaces for data processing in activities like data search within the cell phone, processing external archives of photos, Geolocation coordinates or accessing aggregated contacts, calendars, and reminders.


We ensure that all video content, including 4K videos with the high bit-rate, can be viewed in our apps. We make mobile video processing possible through the use of apparatus methods and Android frameworks, which provide interfaces for video coding and decoding. Our Android developers use FFMpeg library, and video effect layers in real time are implemented via shaders, and direct processing of the pixel array.

Native Android Technologies

We implement a vast number of native Android technologies to support multiple user activities within the mobile apps. To facilitate a user's interaction with an app's interface, we apply tools that enable a gesture recognition system, and the advantage of multi-touch.


We apply technologies that create specialized interfaces and implement any network level protocols such as torrent and VoIP. To simplify the development and processing of REST queries, we use object frameworks that help speed up the app development process.


We integrate analytics systems with online user support systems that help solve typical errors occurring when less common mobile devices are used like Kindle or Android Wear. There are additional opportunities for income when all mobile devices are usable.

Android NDK

Android’s main language is Java, and to implement critical code areas that deal with speed development within the application, we use C/ C++ and add it to the project in a library format. This allows us to solve issues with important application features, so the app is not limited by the resources of the Java machine and can use all available mobile device memory.

Android Graphics

An Android device can create graphics in different ways. For a full-screen display, we use OpenGL to facilitate porting of the existing cross-platform code, and RenderScript library to process images with the help of a video accelerator.

Game Render / Engines

Our knowledge of multiple cross-platform engines together with specific Android libraries allows us to significantly facilitate the developers' work with basic objects and their properties. Cross-platform engines make it possible to develop mobile games, not only in Java, but in C# and Lua.

External Hardware

We apply external devices within the scope of Android ecosystem, and offer solutions to help automate access, or unfold the infrastructure of the augmented reality. Fast prototyping via Arduino allows us to implement any type of system in smart home technologies or robotics.


Android apps we develop are mainly distributed via Google Play, and can also be distributed through other application markets, and made available for downloading via specific websites. To simplify app testing and correct targeting, we use specialized tools to distribute beta versions of apps, such as Crashlytics Beta.

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