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Mixed reality experience for everyone

How the Onix team merged the real and virtual worlds in an intelligent way

This case study highlights how we've managed to build a robust mixed reality environment that provides users with incredible experience just by using headsets and smartphones.



2 specialists

Team size



1 year

Project duration


Our client approached the Onix team with the idea of creating a set of different activities for a new mixed reality solution (technology presentation at exhibitions and users/developers). He wanted to create an official app that could showcase the new, low-cost HoloKit XR solution. There was also a need to develop several SDK modules for open source mixed reality package where developers could integrate the package to translate their applications into mixed reality mode.

Hence, our team needed to develop a new version of mixed reality for Android and iOS devices in a short time. Our solution would allow people to see virtual objects blended into the real world.

The Onix team needed to:

  • Provide effective and transparent development process

  • Identify and collect requirements to meet project, and business goals

  • Build an MR solution that would enable people to place virtual objects in the real world

  • Meet users' expectations by delivering a fantastic experience

  • Enable MR experience on both platforms iOS and Android

  • Ensure super-sharp optics quality

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Our solutions

The development process began with the creation of separate scenes for augmented reality modes which included 4D scanning technology, part of the 3D model of the New York city, and the presentation of several art installations. Many developments have been included in the official application which is available on iOS and Android platforms. We also worked on the profile system for the SDK, user interface, and collaboration system. Our specialists took care of the convenient AR/MR mode, control system, quick setup, and support for a set of basic devices.

Moreover, pairing with a smartphone, the MR solution can perform an inside-out tracking function that uses the changing perspective on the outside world to note changes in its own position.

So, we've managed to merge the real and the virtual worlds in a very promising way. This open-source mixed reality solution allows people to use a low-cost MR solution, and for developers it’s an easy SDK integration.

We provided the following solutions:

Set up an efficient development process to get the MR solution up and running on time

Create the low-cost open-source mixed reality experience that includes the HeadKit cardboard headset and TrackKit software

Build a reliable content synchronization system that multiple users can use

Enable support for various mobile devices and new models of augmented reality helmets

Deliver high-quality viewing of virtual objects in the real world through the headset and a smartphone camera. We ensured super-sharp optics quality and a 76-degree diagonal field of view

Provide universal wrapper for ARCore and ARKit. It'll seamlessly compile to Android and iOS devices, so users don't need to worry about the switch between platforms

Ensure quick app setup, controller support, phone profile system

Redesign the user interface to deliver an exceptional experience and immerse users in a realistic virtual environment

Core technology


Using robust and top-tier technology, the Onix team helped our client build a reliable open-sourced mixed reality solution that inspires developers and AR/MR enthusiasts with unlimited possibilities.

We've seen excellent results from merging the real and virtual worlds. Users run the mobile app on their smartphones, place it into the augmented reality helmets, and enjoy the mixed reality environment through the lenses. Now, placing virtual objects into the real world is easier and more accessible than ever.

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