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Cinematic Virtual Reality Distribution

A custom-themed multi-format movie distribution app

In this case study, we will show you how the Onix team created the ultimate VR cinematic experience on various platforms by teleporting users in a fully-immersive movie reality.



4 specialists

Team size

USA, Los Angeles


3 months

Project duration


Cinematic VR is rapidly evolving as a medium technology and changing how we view and perceive media content. Because it’s still advancing, there is a lack of standardized practices to create outstanding VR movie experiences.

Our client, VR producer and entrepreneur, reached out to the Onix team with the idea of creating a new VR medium solution where viewers could enjoy an immersive 360 movie experience involving big-screen actors in various formats.

We faced the task of developing a VR app that could provide an engaging VR movie experience while offering original video content in an exclusive VR format and serving as a powerful marketing tool for traditional film distribution.

The Onix team was responsible for:

  • Set up the fine-tuned development process

  • Gather requirements to define product functionality and objectives

  • Build a custom-themed multi-format movie experience app that teleports users to the exclusive VR movie lounge to enjoy the rich selection of content

  • Satisfy users' expectations by delivering a unique movie experience

  • Enable VR movie experience on as many platforms as possible

  • Create phenomenal 360-degree stories for users to achieve full engagement

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Our solutions

First and foremost, we conducted a thorough analysis to build a valuable and viable VR movie app with a range of advanced features.

Our goal was to provide a fully immersive cinematic VR solution that is specifically designed for taking users' VR viewing experience to the next level. We created an ultra-realistic movie experience in various formats to produce a new VR medium solution: 360-degree, 2d-widescreen, 3D, Barco Escape 3-screen video format. Such detailed graphics allowed us to immerse users deeper in a movie reality.

We enabled a VR movie experience on various platforms, ensuring all app features' proper functioning on the selected VR platforms.

The Onix team offered the following solutions:

Set up an efficient development process to build a valuable and reliable VR movie app with a unique user experience

Ensured the proper functioning of all app features on the selected VR platforms: Oculus Rift, Oculus/Samsung GearVR, Oculus Go, Google Daydream, iOS Cardboard, Viveport

Provided ultra-realistic 360-degree, 2D-widescreen, 3D, Barco Escape 3-screen video format with detailed graphics and carefully crafted sound that is merged for the most immersive atmosphere

Reached a glow screen effect by coding a particular shader. When the video begins, smooth light mixing occurs, and it shifts the daylight to the screen light, and then each video frame is squeezed to one color that tones the room light

Achieved a realistic effect by bending the canvas with the help of CurvedUI. It allows users to view and interact with the world space from any angle

Created required antialiasing to avoid pixelated pictures. We turned on mipmaps and also used ResolutionScale (upscale technique) for supporting devices

Core technology


The Onix team helped our client to build a custom-themed multi-movie distribution and library apps. Users can watch the Cinematic VR premieres of movies like The Humanity Bureau VR featuring Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage and The Recall VR Abduction featuring Wesley Snipes and RJ Mitte.

Using our solution, people teleport and immerse into the exclusive VR movie lounge to enjoy a rich content selection in various video formats. Additionally, the VR movie app offers an innovative approach to multimedia marketing since the way it provides content is different from standard awareness methods. It can serve as a robust monetization tool for presenting media content to new markets and in a new format.

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