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Salesforce application
for personnel activity tracking

How Onix developed a custom Salesforce app for physician liaison activity management and tracking

In this case study, we will show you how the Onix team created a custom application for Salesforce to help the company’s staff plan and manage their departmental activities and costs.



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Team size



2 months

Project duration

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A physician liaison is a healthcare professional who works to build relationships between physicians and other healthcare providers, usually within a specific organization or geographic region. The goal of this position is to improve communication and collaboration between all parties involved in patient care, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. And sometimes it can be hard to control the departmental activities of dozens of physician liaisons, especially when they conduct lots of business visits and meetings outside the organization. Moreover, it’s daunting to control and manage all the expenses associated with these visits.

That’s why our client came to us with the request to build an intuitive and easy-to-use Salesforce application that can help their organization keep the pace of departmental activity and field visit documentation. The existing outreach application was not as user-friendly as needed and didn’t reflect the processes of the physician liaison team. Thus, we were asked to make a project with a more user-friendly interface that will make it easier for physician liaisons to plan and log their activity as well as record visit objectives completed and expenses.

Sales force

The Onix team needed to:

  • Set up effective management and transparent development process

  • Identify and gather requirements to meet project objectives

  • Create an intuitive Salesforce app to track the information about employees’ business trips

  • Develop an effective solution to manage expenses associated with personnel business trips

  • Make the application adaptable for mobile phone

  • Create a custom user interface to achieve full engagement

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Our solutions

Our development team conducted a detailed analysis of project requirements and challenges and came up with with the following solutions:


Set up regular communication that allows our team and clients to deal with a structured development process and produce a reliable product on time.


Because of the specific request from the client regarding the app’s UI design, we used the SF Lightning Aura Component to use it properly on mobile devices and include various design elements into the app.


Create a user-friendly mobile Salesforce app that allows clients to manage all physician liaison visits and meetings conveniently in one place.


Develop a seamless functionality to control and handle the financial side of the departmental activity of physician liaisons managed in Salesforce.


Core technology

Sales force


The Onix team helped our client create a truly intuitive Salesforce app for physician liaison staff. Our developer and designer managed to create an app for both in-person and remote meetings with physicians for the purpose of improving physician relations and increasing referrals. We also made the field visit documentation and departmental activity process easy to track and manage for company executives. In addition, now our clients can easily plan and log the activity of the personnel and control the expenses associated with their business visits.

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