Onix stands with Ukraine. Please monitor current status here.

Statement on Ukraine

Hello! We are Onix, an IT company based in the heart of Ukraine.

The last week has been the hardest in our 22-year-long history after the Russian Federation launched its brutal attack on Ukraine.

We've already returned to work with an intention to maintain our business continuity.

Stand with Ukraine! Stay with Onix!


Our staff counts 300+ specialists located all over Ukraine and abroad. Throughout the last week, we have had several colleagues joining the military forces or relocated from cities at high risk of bombings, ensuring they have everything they need for normal life and work. Most of us remain in our hometown, however.

Our headquarters’ location is equally remote from all the directions of the Russian invasion. The damage caused by air raids has been minimal, and despite periodic sirens, we keep calm, support the humanitarian efforts and the Ukrainian army, take care of our elderly, children, and pets, welcome refugees from other regions, and go on with our jobs!

We are immensely grateful for our partners’ and clients’ support and loyalty. We work hard to keep up with deadlines but appreciate your understanding and readiness to allow us extra time. All our systems are operational, we have taken extra cyber-security measures, and no client or user information was affected.

We hope this war will end soon, Ukraine emerges victorious, and we will thank all who stood with us in the darkest hours in every way possible. Meanwhile, if you wish to help Onix and the people of Ukraine, please spread the word defying the Russian propaganda, make donations to charitable causes, help Ukrainian and foreign refugees, and, the easiest, continue cooperation with Ukrainian businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Blessings to all people of goodwill! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to its heroes!




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Updates on Status


The company continues to operate.

We continue to relocate our employees to the western region and abroad.


Onix continues to fulfill all obligations before the clients. We are grateful for the understanding and support our partners provide to us during this period.

If you want to receive updated information about the situation in Ukraine, we recommend following the official media, f.e. https://www.mil.gov.ua/en/