A comprehensive management platform for fitness and nutrition professionals

Learn how we built a business management platform that allows fitness and nutrition coaches to run their businesses in one easy-to-use digital place.

Business challenge

Stridist allows fitness and nutrition professionals to provide their services online from one digital place while delighting their clients with an innovative fitness experience.

When our clients came to us, they already had a fitness website. However, they faced the problem of product operation and scalability. Our clients needed a skillful and reliable product development team to solve current issues, update the product functionality, and ensure proper platform performance.

That’s how our clients turned to the Onix team for assistance with realizing and improving their brilliant idea.

Our responsibilities

Onix involved our best-in-class specialists to complete the following tasks:

  • 1

    Setting up an efficient and transparent development process

  • 2

    Specifying and gathering project requirements to meet business goals and reach desired results

  • 3

    Developing a fully-functional and well-structured website to provide online fitness and nutrition coaching

  • 4

    Designing an attractive fitness website, while also ensuring that users get a pleasant experience

  • 5

    Adding an opportunity to hold secure payments

  • 6

    Creating a new architecture to ensure product scalability and its proper operation

Instant benefits for the client:

Access to the
professional team

Hand‑picked specifically 
for the client’s business goals.


To be always aware of the project progress, provide feedback, and make changes if needed.

Fast and cost-effective

Thanks to our best structural standards that complement the company's needs, vision, and budget.

A dedicated
project manager

Responsible for keeping the client informed at all development stages and ensuring the team meets deadlines.

Use our expertise 
to digitalize 
your fitness business and grow fast!

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Onix’s approach to development

The cooperation started with setting up a seamless, effective, and transparent process.

At Onix, we use the Agile methodology to add more flexibility, speed, and quality to our development process. This development approach enables our team to make continuous improvements avoiding development issues and delays flexibly.

From the first days of working on Stridist, it became clear that to make it successful on the market, we needed to make essential changes to the website architecture to solve issues with agility and scalability.

That’s why we made it our top priority to build a new architecture and transfer the project to it. The new architecture would guarantee an ability to scale the product on demand, a smooth platform operation, and a pleasant user experience.

The app we developed benefits several user groups:


Fitness and nutrition professionals:

  • Deliver world-class fitness services in a smart and innovative way that ultimately boosts business growth

  • Effortlessly manage clients and track their results in one digital place

  • Reduce hassle and focus on what really matters, namely providing the best experience to their clients



  • Get access to an all-in-one solution that meets both their training and nutrition goals

  • Be engaged with a coach every day to keep motivation and reach desirable results

  • Have easy-to-see training and nutrition data at their fingertips

Technical realization

Taking into account the client's requirements, Onix has developed a comprehensive platform where fitness and nutrition experts can offer personalized coaching experience, fully control their business, and help their clients reach desired results.


Proper product operation and scalability

The old architecture could not cope with the increased number of features.

We built a new architecture using Amazon ECS clusters that allows us to guarantee high-quality product operation, enhance its capacity, and significantly broaden functionality.


Intuitive workout builder

Building workout programs is now easier than ever. We developed an easy-to-use workout builder that allows fitness coaches to build all kinds of workouts quickly: gym or home workouts, exercise demo videos, or full follow-along workout videos.

This workout builder lets fitness professionals save programs as templates and automate the program creation process while making their life easier.


Convenient client filtering

We added the ability to sort and filter clients by name, due date, and tag.

This feature significantly simplifies navigation and enhances the coaches' experience.


client progress tracking

To make it easy for coaches to monitor their clients' progress, we improved the client profile page by adding extra valuable features: a step counter, nutrition targets, goals, and progress photos.

Now nutritionists and fitness coaches can track their clients' results, assess their training performance, and help them to achieve desired goals.


Secure payment method:

We integrated the Stripe system that allows users to securely accept payments and send payouts online.

This feature provides an opportunity to automate the finance process and track payments within the platform.

Onix design solutions
  • Deep research and competitor analysis

    Before designing new features, our team researched the fitness market along with existing solutions.

    Deep research gave us a couple of valuable insights into the proper user experience flow. It allowed our specialists to create designs that ultimately meet our client’s requirements and satisfy end-users.

  • Optimized sign-up flow

    Registration is the very first and most crucial part of the user experience journey, where users create an account and start using a product. Since the sign-up flow is so important to increase conversion, we decided to simplify it.

    We made the registration process easier by adding the ability to sign up with Google, link the coach card before registration, and choose one of the required subscription plans. Streamlined sign-up flow allowed our clients to grow further and faster.

  • Unified visual design system

    We needed to ensure the platform was visually pleasing and consistent in style and colors. To achieve that consistency, we created a unified visual design system that keeps strong associations with the brand.

    Our designers made UI design visually cohesive, clean and minimalistic, with bright accent colors.

  • Simple and intuitive navigation

    Navigation was one of the main challenges in the project since the app had to display a lot of data. Our specialists divided basic functionality into several logical parts to make navigation more straightforward. Thus we created an intuitive feed that provides the best experience to coaches and their clients.

    We built an intuitive interface that enables users to find the required feature effortlessly and access them quickly. Now it's super easy and convenient to coach digitally, track results, and visualize progress toward specific goals.

Technology used to build Stridist


  • Node.JS
  • PostgreSQL
  • GCP
  • Monorepo
  • OAuth 2.0
  • GitHub-actions
  • TSC Express
  • Firebase
  • Stripe
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Sentry
  • Cloudflare
  • Segment APIs
  • Twilio
  • GraphQL



We’ve had a fantastic experience working with the team at Onix. They’ve delivered the vision we had for our platform. Communication has been great, they go the extra mile to make sure
work is done to a high standard and delivered on time.
It’s been a pleasure to have them on board highly recommend them.

Sukh Sidhu, Chief Executive Officer


We have made a significant effort to contribute to the company's core product – 
an all-in-one solution that allows fitness 
and nutrition coaches to run their businesses 
from one digital place while helping their 
customers achieve the best results.

During the fitness business management platform development project, we set up a seamless and transparent communication process that allowed us to openly discuss requirements and risks, keep clients informed, and receive feedback. Such tight cooperation helped us guarantee complete understanding, no delays, and faster time-to-market.

The Onix team built the new website architecture and implemented several new features to extend the whole fitness business management platform without compromising performance. Thanks to these changes, Stridist can meet its users’ needs by offering a convenient and smart way to run a fitness and nutrition business digitally.

Value delivered

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    Fast growing, systemized coaching business

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    One digital solution to replace all the other software

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    Streamlined business operations

  • icon

    routine tasks

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    Effortless clients data management

  • icon

    Highly motivated and engaged clients

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