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VR app for learning how animal farming can become
more sustainable

How Onix built VR presentations to demonstrate sustainable consumption of animal protein

In this case study, we will show you how the Onix team created VR presentations on various platforms that affect the user's view regarding the utilization and consumption of products.



2 specialists

Team size



2 months

Project duration


It's projected that the world's population will continue to grow and reach nearly 10 billion by 2050. To provide all these people with nutritious food within the boundaries of our planet, we need to produce this food in a sustainable way. The growing demand for animal protein is driving up greenhouse gas emissions, putting pressure on our natural resources. This is an urgent issue.

That's why our client came to us with the idea of building a VR presentation that would help people to learn more about how animal farming can become more sustainable and at the same time keep our planet healthy.

The Onix team needed to:

  • Set up effective management and transparent development process

  • Identify and gather requirements to meet project objectives

  • Develop a VR solution that would allow experiencing the world of sustainable agriculture in virtual reality

  • Enable viewing VR presentations on mobile devices and VR platforms

  • Create a basic application template, as well as implement a service integration for content administration

  • Create an intuitive user interface to achieve full engagement

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Our solutions

Our development team conducted a detailed analysis and came up with a solution that contains VR presentations on how to help animal farming become more sustainable. In a short time, we developed an application for several platforms. At the same time, mobile devices should support both Cardboard(VR) and 360/2D projection modes.

We’ve provided the possibility of a cloud assets configuration. For example, using the service console, an operator can change the 360 panorama image or video file in one of the menu screens, and this change is automatically applied to all users. To power our 360 video app, we used Headjack, an app creation and content management system.

To implement VR applications, we created Unity projects templates, in which we provided support for dynamic assets and video content. A set of these templates will be helpful for similar applications in the future without the need to develop such applications from scratch.

We provided the following solutions:

Set up regular communication that allows our team and clients to deal with a structured development process and produce a reliable product on time

Ensure the correct functioning of all app features on the selected VR platforms: PicoVR, Android/Cardboard, iOS/Cardboard

Implement cloud configuration that allows changing assets (video, thumbnails, icons, categories, text, etc.) remotely and automatically display those changes to all users

Provide a realistic effect to immerse users deeper in virtual reality. Using CurvedUI, we bent the canvas that allowed users to view and interact with the world space from any angle

Prepare 360-degree and 2D user interfaces that work in VR mode and on mobile devices

Сreate a set of templates that can be used for similar applications in the future, as well as an additional standalone application that works without access to the Internet

Core technology


The Onix team helped our client build a set of reliable VR applications on various platforms that contain presentations on how animal farming can become more sustainable. Leveraging VR technology, our team created 360-degree and 2D user interfaces to provide an excellent user experience.

Now the client can successfully speak at conferences and use our VR presentations to demonstrate to people how to make animal protein production more sustainable and affect their view regarding the utilization and consumption of products. Moreover, he can create other applications based on our templates without the need for development.

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