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Virtual spaces: our future way of coworking

VR solution to stay connected and share ideas in an immersive and interactive environment

We'll talk about the coworking/virtual office system that allows users to book conference halls in a VR environment where they can meet with their friends and colleagues. This case study highlights how the Onix team built a VR solution that takes the coworking experience to a new level.



4 specialists

Team size



5 months

Project duration


The last couple of pandemic years have significantly changed the way today’s companies collaborate. Instead of face-to-face interaction, most distributed teams and workers use chat, video, and calls. And though these communication tools help bring people together for better coworking, there's still a lack of presence and engagement compared to in-person meetings. Our client wanted to bridge that gap between people and build a platform that would provide virtual spaces for great conferencing experiences.

Using VR technology, we needed to develop a coworking system that would enable team members to book and meet in the virtual spaces for holding video conferences, presentations, and sharing their ideas in an interactive and engaging manner.

The Onix team needed to:

  • Set up a transparent development process to ensure productive work

  • Collect and specify project requirements to build a superior VR solution

  • Develop a coworking platform to book virtual spaces and hold video conferences in a VR environment

  • Provide various realistic spaces for holding virtual conferences just like in person

  • Build an avatar system where each user can personalize themselves

  • Create realistic graphics to deliver a fully-immersive experience

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Our solutions

The development process began with ensuring a smooth live stream from a user's computer. This feature allows colleagues to share their desktops with everyone in a virtual room, show presentations, and enjoy synced video/audio playback.

Also, it was essential to create a variety of locations where users will meet. We've managed to ensure realistic, rich detailed graphics to deliver the effect of presence and a fully-immersive experience. Moreover, users can book or even buy a location where they want to hold conferences.

Using VR technology, we made it easy for users to collaborate with their colleagues as avatars and share their ideas as quickly and simply as possible in realistic, immersive environments.

The Onix team offered the following solutions:

Setting up regular communication between our team and client to ensure a structured and transparent development process

Preparing a set of various virtual locations where users will create their own office space for conferencing experiences

Developing a server with which people can book a room where they want to hold a virtual conference

Providing a smooth live stream from a user's desktops for dozens of attendees. The screen sharing feature allows increasing participants engagement and conveniently sharing ideas

Building a system of avatars that enables users to personalize themselves and interact with their colleagues using these virtual versions. We used inverse kinematics to ensure the required avatar position at three key points: head, hands, controllers

Creating realistic graphics, highly detailed 3D models, and 3D environments to deliver an exceptional conference experience and immerse users in a realistically rendered background

Implementing voice chat to quickly and effectively communicate and forge a deep connection with other users

Ensuring proper gesture-controlled interactions that allow users to feel even closer to lifelike conditions

Core technology


The Onix team helped our client build a robust VR app that brings people together and provides shared virtual spaces for collaboration, conferencing, and presentations.

Team members meet in an effective and realistic environment where they create a team call, share their desktops with everyone in this location, and discuss urgent issues using voice chat. Moreover, our solution opens up new creative possibilities allowing users to create their avatars to represent team members and make communication more personal.

As a result, we've managed to create a simple but effective app where people anywhere in the world can communicate and collaborate in one virtual workspace. Using our advanced functionality, people can significantly boost their productivity and engage participants from beginning to end.

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