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Maps and Geolocation


Certain apps require locating places on a map, guiding the app user from one place to another or some other similar task. This makes tools that aid in creating maps and global positioning quite handy.


  • Google Maps is a service developed by Google Inc. It has several mapping option (e.g., satellite imaging and street view) and has been frequently used in apps pertaining to route planning.
  • Google Places is a useful information service pertaining to business locations. It gives the app developer and user control over what appears on their Google Places page.
  • Geocoding (sometimes called Geoencoding) is a tool that helps locate places using descriptions such as postal codes, street addresses, land parcels and the like.
  • OSM (OpenStreetMap) provides developers with a map of the world that they can edit.
  • GPS Location is a navigation system that makes use of satellites in space to provide map and time information. It is typically used in conjunction with other Android Development Maps and Geolocation tools.

Through the use of Geolocation and map tools, Onix successfully delivers apps that require resolving issues with display and analysis of itinerary. And with the help of OpenStreetMap we provide solutions that allow users to work with offline maps and implement maps with a direct access to a GPS receiver.

Click on any of the skills on this page to read more about them.

  • Maps and Geolocation
    Google Maps, Google Places, Geocoding/Geoencoding, OSM and GPS Location
  • Social Conversations
    Text Messages/Phone/Mail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ (YouTube), Path, Vine, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Tumblr
  • Native Technologies
    Android NDK C/C++, Android Media Codec, Android Lolipop Camera, Wi-Fi 3G connection, View and custom viewgroup layout, internationalization and localization, local data storage, Action Bar, NFC, Bluetooth, GMC Push Notification, Multi Fragments application, account management, Widget, Live Wallpapers, Lock screen, Custom keyboard, OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0, Data providers, Renderscript, Speech API, Telephony API, Multi-Touch gestures and Multithreading
  • Game/Render Engines
    AndEngine, Unity 3D, Rajvali and LibGDX
  • Advertising
    MoPub, Nexage, Millenial, InMobi, RefMob, LeadBolt, AdInch, Airpush, InnerActive, InMobi, Google AdMob
  • Android Data Access
    Sharing data between apps with intents and receiver, Contacts (address book), Photos and Videos on device, Calendar and Reminders/Alerts
  • Networking
    P2P, Sockets, RSS and Networking Frameworks (Android Http client, Turboimage, Android query, Android Async client, Volley, DataDroid, GreenDroid, Parse SDK, Cisco ipSec VPN)
  • Android NDK
    libJpeg, libPng, ffmpeg, 3d math matrix, Pthread, VLC and Android ADT
  • External Hardware
    NFC, Arduino, Bluetooth, USB Host, Action camera, Drones and Wi-Fi
  • In-App Purchases
    Android Google API payments, PayPal, LiqPay, Yandex payments, Open IAB and Amazon payments
  • Video
    Media Player Framework, Ffpmeg Player Framework, GoPro, video filtering, video encoding/decoding and Video streaming (RTMP, RTSP, HLS)
  • Analytics
    Flurry, Amplitude, Kahuna, Google Analytics and Crashlytics
  • Audio
    MediaPlayer, OpenSL, MediaTrack, Audio generation, Audio Filtering and SoundPool
  • Graphics
    Android Canvas, Matrix, GPU Render, GL Surface and OpenCV
  • Distributing
    Crashlytics Beta, Android Market Alpha/Beta
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