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How Onix developed a Shopify store with unique fitness clothes for BetterMe customers


In this case study

We will show you how the Onix team created an e-commerce website to provide customers with maximum convenience and the opportunity to purchase a product that can be used during training with the help of the BetterMe ecosystem.



Sports & Fitness 
Wellness eCommerce

Project duration

Project duration

One year

Team size

Team size

4 (2 developers, QA, 
and PM)



USA (all world)


Online sportswear store on shopify

Business Context

BetterMe is a leading wellness company that develops accessible digital health products for people of all ages, backgrounds, and physical abilities. More than 100M people from all corners of the world come to us for holistic health guidance, step-by-step support and our “healthy habits made simple” approach.

monthly active 
years on the 
languages are 
available in the app

The app provides a personalized workout plan based on different fitness levels, goals, and schedules, as well as a nutrition plan to help customers make healthy choices. BetterMe also offers a community support system where members can connect with other users and get motivation and advice.

This project promotes a healthy and active lifestyle avoiding dramatic weight loss or body ideals. There is also a patriotic Ukrainian collection in the assortment. Part of the profits from this collection is transferred to UNICEF Ukraine. A collection was also developed specifically for residents of Ukraine.

The BetterMe team reached out to Onix since they had an idea to create a website to sell athleisure and fitness home equipment that would make activities with the BetterMe app even more engaging and comfortable.

The Onix team tasks included:


Setting up effective management and transparent development process


Identifying and gathering requirements to meet project objectives


Developing a custom plugin to generate recommended content in the shopping cart


Developing an intuitive Shopify store with sports clothing


Searching, installing, and configuring additional plugins


Making the website adaptable for mobile devices


Adding animation to the website for better engagement

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Our Solutions

Highly-skilled experts were committed to working on this project on behalf of the Onix team. The top requirement for us was to make the buying experience seamless and clear. During the implementation of the design on the client side, Onix developers independently wrote plugins that could be connected to Shopify. Together with the client, we developed the logic according to which they want to display recommendations in the shopping cart.


Additionally, during the development of this functionality, we analyzed the contents of the cart and created a special collection of products and possible recommendation chains.

Our development team conducted a detailed analysis of project requirements and challenges and came up with the following solutions:

  • 01

    Solutions from developers for customizing website elements (visual changes to the site)

  • 02

    Modify ready-made and create custom sections with the ability to edit them

  • 03

    Search, install and configure additional plugins

  • 04

    Adding various animations to blocks and individual elements

  • 05

    Integrating several third-party services to extend product functionality

  • 06

    Building a fully-functional and well-structured website to provide intuitive shopping experience

  • 07

    Changing existing and adding new functionality (slide card, product recommendations, various sliders and "accordions"; search, filtering, product sorting in the catalog, etc.)



As a result of Onix’s collaboration, our client now operates a reliable, well-performing web store that allows users purchase branded sport and fitness products, feel comfortable during activities, and sense the spirit of the BetterMe community. At this stage, we are implementing new ideas for marketers, the provided design, and working on implementing new functionality.

Core technology stack we used

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