Upwork, an American based freelancing platform company, has named Onix-Systems as their Breakthrough award winner for 2020. We are enormously proud and happy to inform our clients, partners, investors, employees, contractors, subscribers, friends about this outstanding achievement of being recognized as one of the best software development agencies in Ukraine.


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Every year, the global platform recognizes its members working in the web, mobile, and software design and development sectors that deliver their best work while establishing strong relationships with clients. Namely, the nominees excel in five aspects:


  • Earnings over the past calendar year
  • Customer feedback, including the number of successful job outcomes
  • Upwork profile improvements and updates
  • Communication with customers, based on client feedback
  • Responsiveness scores, particularly, the promptness of responses


The 2020 Upwork Ukraine Awards ceremony took place on May 12, 2021. Katrin Hippler, Senior Manager, Talent Success at Upwork, and Kylie James, Senior Manager, Talent Success and Community at Upwork, hosted the ceremony over Zoom.


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Onix was named the Breakthrough of the Year, which came somewhat as a surprise. Our CEO Dmytro Durach, who accepted the award, noted:


“We have been with Upwork and previously Elance for almost 20 years. For us, it feels like getting an Oscar that Leonardo DiCaprio gets in his career.”


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The 2020 Breakthrough award is even more significant in light of the challenges the industry endured last year. While Onix navigated these treacherous waters, we were pleased to have done so while successfully expanding the size of our team.


Onix’s extended team of on-site and remote workers is elated to have won this award. It's another indicator that our clients enjoy working with us. This is vitally important to Onix as a customer-oriented company that mainly works on large-scale projects and values long-term partnerships.


We are sincerely grateful to our clients who entrust us with the responsibility of realizing their ideas and sharing their experience with the world. Your successes make our own achievements possible!


“The Onix team has been smart, proactive, fast, and responsive. It's been a pleasure to work with them, and great to have them as part of our team.” -- Mike Hoefflinger, Co‑Founder of BSTEVR


“Onix has fabulous communication skills and is consistently available for the client's questions or concerns.” -- David Pawlan, Strategist at Aloa


(Please feel free to check out our case studies to see some of our work and customer feedback.)


We hope that this year’s award and the reputation on Upwork that we’ve worked hard for will help draw the attention of new clients and partners for Onix.


We thank Upwork for this special recognition. Your daily support, and the services you provide, allow us to reach new clients, manage projects, and grow our business. We are committed to boosting our revenue, performance, and customer satisfaction, and hopefully, winning more of your awards in the future! 


We also congratulate all of the award winners for 2020. Your projects and products along with the competition with your organizations inspire our entire Onix team and motivate us to become even better!


We plan to grow throughout 2021 and beyond while remaining customer-centered and agile.  We look forward to exciting new projects and partnerships in the months and years to come.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or ideas to share!

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Serhii  Kholin
Serhii Kholin

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