Sports & Fitness Platform Development to Transform Users’ Body, Mind, and Health

How Onix developed a sports & fitness app to help users change their daily habits, gain strength & muscle definition, and keep fit.

The Clubhouse is an online fitness classes platform providing access to top-notch virtual fitness classes and workout videos. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gym-goer, Clubhouse fitness has something for everyone. With classes ranging from yoga and HIIT to strength training and spin, everyone can find the perfect fit for their fitness needs. The Clubhouse is designed to provide users with all the benefits of a traditional studio experience without having to leave home.

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Business Context


Eric Roberts, the Clubhouse founder, envisioned creating an online workout classes application that could bring people together and provide them with access to quality virtual fitness classes and workout videos. He wanted to create a welcoming, safe, and relaxing place where people felt at home while working out.

The vision behind Clubhouse was to create an urban boutique-style experience where users could participate in physical activities, lose weight, develop healthy habits, and gain muscles.

Eric also wanted to make users motivated and on track with their fitness goals. Thus, he requested the Onix team to help him create a truly intuitive fitness platform. For this project, Onix experts faced the following challenges:

The Onix team needed to:


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Our solutions

When the client came to Onix, he had an idea to create a fitness app instead of a website. But before making any important decisions, we proposed starting with the Discovery phase. At Onix, we believe that conducting a Discovery phase for fitness projects is essential to identify the project's goals and create an effective implementation plan. During this phase, we brainstorm ideas, research, analyze data, and assess resources to determine the optimal course of action.


The Discovery phase for the Clubhouse project included activities such as:

  • Brainstorming:

    Involving stakeholders in open discussions to generate ideas for how to meet users' needs best.

  • Research:

    Gathering feedback through surveys and interviews with users to uncover pain points and opportunities for improvement.

  • Data analysis:

    Examining data from existing systems and processes to gain insights into user behaviors.

  • Resource assessment:

    Assessing the resources necessary for a successful implementation plan, such as team, budget, timeline, etc.


By conducting a thorough Discovery phase for fitness projects, we can develop an accurate understanding of user needs that can be translated into successful product designs and effective organizational strategies. The client wanted to create an application, but after the discovery phase, he concluded that a website would be more suitable for his business now. Therefore, we proceeded with designing and developing the fitness website.

Before starting the design process, we asked the client to complete the questionnaire with his significant preferences. We also conducted a competitor analysis to come up with the best design decisions. During the discovery stage, our designers created the initial user flow. After that, we continued with LO-FI wireframes and HI-FI design prototypes.


Summing up all our work for the Clubhouse, these are our leading solutions:

  • 3-month workout plans

    for those starting their training;

  • 1-month workout plans

    for advanced users;

  • Nutrition support:

    Members can access personalized nutrition support that ensures they eat the right food for their needs.

  • Payment functionality:

    We added the Stripe payment system to make the payment process smooth and easy.

  • Mailing services:

    Our specialist integrated MailChimp service to help the Clubhouse manage and talk to their clients easily.


Core Technology

Stack We Used

Core Technology Stack We Used

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    on frontend side

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    on backend side

Client Testimonial


Eric Roberts
The Clubhouse Founder

I cannot speak highly enough of the Onix-Systems entire team! From top to bottom each and every member has gone above and beyond to create an amazing experience. They work incredibly hard, are always on time & ahead of schedule, and have been great at communication. It can be hard sometimes to get a vision across into a reality - but I am so thankful I chose Onix-Systems Team to help me do that. Even through challenging times - like the war in Ukraine - they still showed up to work everyday! I could not be happier with the work they did and I cannot thank them enough!


Clubhouse Fitness has become a popular online fitness platform today, providing users access to some of the best trainers and instructors. The old version of the website acquired just 100 users for half a year, while the new version made by Onix brought our client 350 new users in just 1.5 months since the release date.

Additionally, Eric's and Onix's team has been devoted to continually developing new features for the platform so that it is always up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

Eric's vision has come true: Clubhouse is one of the most trusted online fitness communities. In this place, anyone can find virtual support and motivation on their journey toward wellness.


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