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How Onix rebuilt a WordPress website
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Team Size

8 specialists


Project Duration

4 months

Coaches and parents hang onto every youth sports memory, whether it be a game-winning shot or touchdown, and what better way to preserve those memories than with a professional video?

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Colorado Sports Video specializes in recording and editing youth and sports events, so you can relive those special moments for years to come.

It helps to create the best videos in the industry and capture any outdoor sport (soccer, lacrosse, rugby, football, field hockey) or indoor sport (basketball, volleyball, ice hockey cheer).

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Business Context

Colorado Sports Video (CSV)
received many orders for game recordings and struggled to delegate them between different videographers to record efficiently.


That’s where the client reached out to Onix. We’ve gone through a few stages of negotiations and provided two estimates, and suggested our documentation development and project management approach.

Together with all project stakeholders, we agreed on all offered suggestions and started our collaboration.

After the requirements elicitation and design were confirmed, we could estimate the required resources to complete the project.

Our estimates at this point exceeded the client's budget, so we proposed some solutions to adjust the scope and fit the budget.

The Onix team needed to:

  • number

    Set up effective management and
    a transparent development process.

  • number

    Identify and gather requirements
    to meet the project objectives.

The main requirements were:

  • Allow the admin to quickly sort through all game recording orders and have a clear picture of their place and time, so it’s easy for the admin to assign orders between different videographers.

  • Add email notices to the videogamers that will include all of the active tasks that are currently assigned to them.

  • Allow the admin to easily manage each videographer’s workload, track their availability, and ensure no assignments overlaying.

  • Create automated email notices to the customers before the scheduled games to confirm plans.

  • Manage corporate accounts to allow selected clients to place orders on the website without upfront payments.

  • Manage admin panel users to delegate some tasks to them

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In collaboration with the client, we were working on complete project documentation and design.

We started working on the project by studying the client’s requirements and creating a user flow for the site and the admin panel. It was created based on materials that the client already had (site, admin on WP, and documentation) and intended to create a better experience for the user.

After approving the flow, the designer created wireframes and a prototype. Our designer researched similar services to use standard page patterns when creating wireframes. We created some analogies of a “shopping cart” for videographers’ assigned games. But instead of just one cart, we made multiple for each videographer.

The idea of a standard shopping cart was a perfect solution as we needed to allow the admin to work on a list of assigned games for each videographer before they committed to it.

So, not only can the admin add a game to a videographer’s cart but also look at how it will work with the rest of the videographer’s schedule, remove it from the cart as needed or reassign it to another videographer. Also, similar to the standard cart, our videographer’s cart serves as a reminder to the admin - the videographer’s name appears at the top of the page if the videographer has some games assigned to him that he needs to be notified about.

To make scheduling games between videographers easier for the admin, we implemented a multistep videographer assignment process where the admin can:

  • number

    Preassign a game for a videographer when working on his schedule.

  • number

    Send an email to a videographer with all the games assigned for his confirmation.

  • number

    Mark games as Confirmed by the videographer.

The admin panel also allows users to make changes in the games, put games on hold if needed, ensure the assigned videographer receives the latest information about the game, and alert the admin of complimentary orders that need to be taken into account when placed for the main game.

So, summing up our work for CSV, these are our leading solutions:

  • Ensured an effective and transparent development process;

  • Gathered requirements to define objectives and product scope;

  • Developed a multistep videographer assignment process;

  • Created a calendar view for all scheduled games and a calendar view for each videographer’s scheduled games;

  • Added one-tap videographer notifications where the admin can send an email to a selected videographer with all the games assigned to them;

  • Implemented eight possible statuses any game can pass based on its history.

Core Technology Stack We Use

The technology stack we choose is scalable, secure, and flexible to adapt to the changing needs of our clients and their business needs.


  • Vue.js v3
  • Stripe
  • Google Maps API
  • Typescript
  • Pug
  • Pinia
  • V-calendar


  • PHP v8.1
  • MySql v8.0
  • Laravel v9.21.6
  • Stripe
  • SendGrid


Progress Report: Achievements and
Outcomes of Our Development Efforts


The Onix team has implemented a lot of new functionality on the project and improved the existing functionality and will continue supporting the project once the development is completed.


Client Testimonial

“We retained Onix to improve the company’s website as we expand to other states. They were very good at understanding my requirements and offered different solutions to our needs. We needed to automate most of the backend of the website, and they did a fabulous job.

They are very organized and diligent in the entire process, and communication with them was seamless. I’m so pleased with the work they did that I plan to continue working with Onix as my company continues to grow.”

Heberto Limas-Villers
President of Colorado Sports Video

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