Get your dedication award with Onix

Recommend us. Receive a referral bonus
What is the dedication bonus?
Onix team treasures the relationships we build with our customers. We work to provide any support you may need to get your website or mobile app project completed and successfully launched.

As one of the ways to say ‘thank you’ for trusting us your business idea, we have created a special bonus program.

By recommending our development and design team to your business partners and friends, you become eligible to receive the referral bonus.
How you can qualify for the referral bonus?
Step one
You tell others about Onix.
Step oneStep one
Step two
They become Onix’ customers.
Step twoStep two
Step three
Once the contract is signed, the referral customer makes the first payment.
Step threeStep three
Step four
After we receive the first payment, you or your company qualifies for 10% of the payment amount as a bonus.
Step fourStep four
How the program works
The period of the referral program is twelve months, starting with the date of the first payment that Onix receives.

Onix pays the bonus only after the payment from the referral was received.
Still got questions? Would you like to learn more?
If you’d like to get more details about the referral program, send your questions to Alex Ivanchenko, Head of Sales and Marketing at Onix.