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Finance planning app development

Building a Finance Management App: Practical Steps & Real-Life Experience | Onix-Systems

Learn how we helped our client to build an investment management app and win in the Australian market. Insights on the process, challenges, and solutions.


Why and How to Implement QR Code for Payments

This article explains how a QR code works for payment processing, in what fields they are already used successfully, and why.

how to start a neobank

A Step-by-Step Development Guide to Start a Neobank in 2022

Looking for a concise guide on building a neobank? Read this article to know everything about neobank development.

fintech technology trend

Top Fintech Trends to Watch in 2022-2023 | Onix-Systems

Looking for trends that will shape the future of fintech? Read this article to find the answers about fintech industry trends to watch out for in 2022-2023.

mobile banking app development

Why and How to Build a Banking App in 2022

What features are essential, what steps to take, and how much can mobile banking app development cost? You can find the answers in this post.

how to build a personal finance app

Personal Finance App Development: How to Build an App like Mint

Want to build a budgeting app like Mint? This guide highlights must-have features, useful development tips, and costs. Start reading to find out more

how to create an investing app

How to Create a Micro Investing App - Onix's Guide

This post explains how micro-investment mobile apps work and generate revenue, how to create an investment app step by step, and how much it may cost.

fintech mobile app development & how much does it cost

How to Build a Fintech App: Must-Have Features and Costs

Want to create a fintech app but don't know where to start? Our article reveals must-have features, the required tech stack, helpful design tips, and cost.

hire fintech developers

How to Find and Hire Fintech Developers: 3 common options

Need fintech developers for hire? See how an outsourcing company can form a dedicated fintech team that perfectly matches your specific project.

fintech app security

10 Best Practices to Promote Fintech App Security

Here, you can learn about AES encryption, tokenization, and other techniques, methods, and approaches to building a secure fintech application.

trading apps like robinhood

The Principles and Cost of Making a Stock Trading App Like Robinhood

Here you can learn the secrets to developing a stock trading mobile app: the essential features, smart UX/UI design, and the Robinhood revenue model.