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Next-generation VR simulation for the skyscraper construction site

Building the future of the construction industry by implementing VR into the training process to increase staff safety and improve work performance

This case study shares how the Onix team built a VR simulation of the skyscraper construction site for testing and training workers. Our solution provides risk-free construction training, boosts professional skills, reduces human error, and cuts extra costs.



5 specialists

Team size



3 months

Project duration


Since the construction industry works in high-risk zones, even experienced professionals must train from time to time. This also includes interns. Our client wanted to help builders stay safe and productive by providing an effective and risk-free way for their training. He decided to build a VR-based training solution for the skyscraper construction site that enables trainees to simulate real-life situations in a fully immersive risk-free environment. This is how our collaboration began.

Our team needed to develop a VR training simulator that enables construction workers to simulate complex and dangerous real-life scenarios and operate hazardous equipment without risks.

The Onix team needed to:

  • Setting up the fine-tuned development process

  • Collect requirements to define the main product features and goals

  • Provide innovative immersive construction training for workers

  • Create an intuitive interface that drives engagement with users

  • Prepare training content that provides information to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge

  • Build realistic graphics to offer a fully-immersive experience

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Our solutions

In order to create a solution that would completely meet our client’s requirements, we decided to analyze the construction industry and define the target audience's pain points.

We've carefully considered essential functionality to build a VR training simulation that lets employees reproduce their work on construction sites, train their skills, and enhance safety knowledge.

Since the main goal was a simulation of complex and dangerous working conditions, we gave high priority to creating graphics, highly detailed 3D models, and real-life VR training scenarios with a useful hint system. We built an app to teach construction workers how to appropriately prepare for work shifts, correctly use harnesses, and properly follow the sequence of actions when working at height.

The Onix team offered the following solutions:

Setting up an efficient development process to get the VR training simulator up and running as fast as possible

Preparing real-life VR training scenarios that allow users to gain on-hand experience in an effective and engaging manner

Creating realistic graphics and animations to provide an excellent user experience and highly detailed 3D models and 3D environments to immerse trainees in a realistically rendered background

Providing proper gesture-controlled interactions that allow trainees to feel even closer to realistic conditions. Using handheld controllers, learners can directly interact with the virtual environment more flexibly

Implementing the hint system that enables users to train their skills and complete the session successfully

Ensuring true-to-life rope physics that allows trainees to learn how to correctly operate equipment, use harnesses and reproduce their work at height without risks

Core technology


Leveraging VR technology and 3D imitation, we’ve managed to create an app with excellent responsiveness, realistic computer graphics, an interactive scene system, an intuitive interface, and special sound effects that provide deeper immersion.

The Onix team helped our client build a VR simulator that allows construction workers to reproduce dangerous situations, train their professional skills in a completely safe learning environment, and gain on-hand experience to be prepared for real-life emergencies.

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