360° Shower

A complete service that makes the sanitary professional’s daily routine easier and customers happier


Learn how we developed the first digital end-to-end service that enables sanitary professionals to sell
a retrofit shower directly at the customer’s home.

About the client

DUSCHOLUX, an internationally operating manufacturer of shower walls, contacted us regarding software product development. Our client wanted to enhance support of the project life cycle when an installer uses DUSCHOLUX products for retrofitting a shower enclosure. Therefore, DUSCHOLUX developed a new concept to improve the service workflow between installer, customer, and DUSCHOLUX by introducing four dedicated apps that sync their data over a cloud.

That’s how they came up with the idea of the end-to-end digital service and turned to the Onix team for assistance with realizing their exciting idea.


Business needs to solve

Sanitary professionals need to manage an increasing number of customer projects, but their internal organization was still running on manual processes. Since customers appreciate service that immediately answers their questions and results in a specific project calculation, developing a new modernized solution was necessary.

Combining digital workflow with a highly interactive product and service presentation was identified as an opportunity to make the sanitary professional’s daily routine easier and customers happier.


The Onix team was responsible for:

  • Ensuring an effective and transparent development process

  • Identifying and collecting requirements to meet project and business goals

  • Creating a multi-project consisting of desktop, mobile, and tablet apps of different functionality and role within the project

  • Minimizing time for the development process by creating a single codebase

  • Ensuring proper operation of the apps on different platforms and devices

  • Providing solutions for tracking errors and app crash monitoring

The apps we crafted benefit four user groups:

  • Sales manager

    Sales manager  creates an offer on the Tablet App for the installation of a customized shower enclosure

  • Installer back-office agents

    Installer back-office agents  order shower components from DUSCHOLUX and coordinate the installer workforce using the PC App

  • Professionals

    Professionals  manage their daily jobs and record completed projects with the Smartphone App

  • DUSCHOLUX service center agents

    DUSCHOLUX service center agents  support the installer through their dedicated Service App

How 360° Shower service works

All steps from configuring the shower enclosure to preparing the offer, managing logistics, and running the installation work itself are covered by particular apps that ensure a seamlessly integrated project life cycle.

The app’s user flow:

service img

The app’s killer features

The Onix team built several related but functionally different apps using different platforms: universal Windows apps (UWP-universal Windows platform), tablet apps (iOS/Android React-native), and smartphone apps (iOS/Android React-native). The main challenge covered the implementation of the project, including 38 project statuses across different apps at different stages. This made the project development challenging but interesting.

Effective project management

Managing customer projects is now easier since all data is available across all devices. No matter whether sales reps, back-office employees, or installation professionals engage in a customer project, all information is consistently available from consultation to installation.


Creating offers in real-time

Installers can configure a solution together with the customer on the Tablet App, demonstrating a variety of options. Price calculation is easy due to predefined packages and can be adjusted according to the situation at a premise. Finally, the offer is created in real-time, compiling all data collected throughout the configuration process. The customer can directly confirm the offer on the tablet or receive it by email for review.


Ordering with a click

Since all data of a specific customer project is already available digitally, Installers can order all DUSCHOLUX components for a customer project with a click. The app automatically identifies the products which come from the installer’s stock. The delivery date is scheduled based on the installation date at the customer’s home.


Field service management

360° Shower also supports installers managing the field service. A customer project can be assigned to an installation professional right in the app. The professional receives a notification in the Smartphone App then and can prepare the service accordingly. In the case that installation support is required, installers can book a DUSCHOLUX service technician with the app.


Multimedia reporting feature for the installer

To confirm the work is properly done, an installation professional must generate a report with photos and videos. Moreover, installers can leave comments on the job. This feature allows all stakeholders to be aware of the work done and make sure of its quality.


Value delivered

  • Enhanced business process efficiency

  • Timely and high-quality customer service

  • Reduced manual work

  • More happy customers

Core technology



“It is a pleasure working with ONIX. We have been growing as a team, and everyone was committed to success right from the beginning. ONIX went the extra mile to deliver in time, and their approach to building on a single codebase has proven to be excellent.”

Barbara Dietz,
Product Owner 360° Shower

Result and prospects

Using robust and top-tier technology, the Onix team helped DUSCHOLUX build a reliable digital end-to-end service that empowers their customers to receive state-of-the-art service when selling and installing a retrofit shower enclosure.

The company has plans to further expand the feature set by introducing custom measure management. Installers can then configure shower enclosures down to the last millimeter. This will require a smart combination of visual effects and product data to avoid entering invalid measures. And the Onix team, in its turn, is ready to design, build, and maintain whatever innovative solutions and unique features DUSCHOLUX might entrust us with.


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