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One of the first things that attracts people to an app is the graphics. This includes not just a pleasing overall appearance but also a user interface that is conveniently organized. Most drawing technologies today are founded on Open GL and QuartzCore, with the exception of UIKit.


Thus, the three high-level frameworks used in almost all graphics programming are the UIKit Framework, Core Graphics Framework and QuartzCore Framework.


Here are brief descriptions of the tools commonly used in iOS development of graphics.


  • UIKit graphics allow the user to draw directly on the screen; it is also capable of PDF graphics contexts and offscreen drawing.
  • Quartz 2D, as the name implies, is for 2D drawing.
  • Core Graphics is for low level 2D drawing using Quartz.
  • Core Image is an API used for applying filters and effects in the QuartzCore Framework.
  • Core Animation is an API of the QuartzCore Framework.
  • Open GL ES is an infrastructure for drawing code.
  • GLKit eliminates the need for setup and maintenance code when using Open GL ES content.
  • SpriteKit is a framework for making 2D games.
  • GPUImage is for image and video processing using the GPU.
  • OpenCV is a library of algorithms for computer vision and machine learning.


Onix integrates graphics tools that make it possible to support apps with 2D and 3D digital content. We can also add supporting device features, such as a library of user's photos, battery life details or remote control.

Click on any of the skills on this page to read more about them.

  • Native Technologies
    Objective-C, Swift, UIKit, Internationalization and Localization, Auto Layout, Storyboard, Multi-Touch gestures and Multithreading
  • Social Conversations
    TextMessages/iMessages/Phone/Mail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Yahoo ID, Tumblr and Foursquare/Swarm
  • In-App Purchase
    PayPal, Uber,, StoreKit Framework and MKStoreKit
  • Distributing
    Crashlytics Beta, HockeyApp, TestFlight and BetaBuilder
  • Media Player
    Media Accessibility Framework, Accelerate Framework, Assets Library, Image I/O, Photos Framework and Text Kit and Core Text
  • Maps and Geolocation
    Apple Maps, Google Maps, Google Places, Geocoding, Mapbox, Core Location, eeGeo - 3D mapping and Foursquare Venues
  • Networking
    P2P, Sockets, APNS - Push Notifications, StoreKit, RSS and Networking Frameworks (AFNetworking, RestKit, Alamofire, ADWebImage, Parse SDK)
  • External Hardware
    iBeacon, Printing, Bluetooth, HomeKit, Wi-Fi and WatchKit
  • Advertising
    iAd, MoPub, Nexage, Millenial, InMobi and GoogleAdMob
  • Data
    CoreData, SQLite, Parse SDK, MAgical Record, User Defaults, XML, Plist, HTML5 Client-Slide Storage in Safari, Keychain and Key Archiving
  • iOS Data Access
    Sharing data between apps, Contacts (address book), Photos and Videos on device, Calendar, Stocks and Reminders/Alerts
  • Video
    Media Player Framewok, UIIMage Picker Controller, Media Player, Core Media, AV Foundation, GoPro and Video streaming (RTMP, RTSP, HLS, AirPlay)
  • Audio
    OpenAL, AV Foundation, Core Audio, Media Player Framework and StreamingKit
  • Analytics
    Flurry, Google Mobile Analytics and Crashlytics
  • Graphics
    UIKit graphics, Core Graphics, Core Image, Quartz, Core Animation, OpenGL ES, GLKit, SpriteKit, GPUImage and OpenCV
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