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Apps that use video typically have higher potential to attract users than those that do not. Here are some useful tools for managing video in iOS:

  • Media Player is a program for playing various multimedia files.
  • Media Player Framework is a facility used to play videos and music.
  • UIImagePickerController provides a customizable interface for taking pictures and making movies.
  • Core Media allows the creation and delivery of digital video content through any digital channel.
  • AV Foundation is a framework when playing or creating time-based video and audio.
  • GoPro is a popular camera than can feed video to compatible iOS devices.
  • Video streaming compresses video content for broadcast over the internet. Four protocols are commonly used:
  1. RTMP for Adobe Flash Player, popular because of YouTube.
  2. RTSP for creating a streaming session between servers and clients.
  3. HLS for HTTP live streaming.
  4. AirPlay for wireless streaming.


To implement video technologies in apps, Onix relies on video frameworks and tools that allow users a variety of actions with audiovisual content and ensure easy editing, capturing and streaming. Through AV Foundation we ensure that app users can easily create, examine and reencode ther video data and through Core Media apps support high-quality graphics, working seamlessly and providing excellent visual experience.

Click on any of the skills on this page to read more about them.

  • Native Technologies
    Objective-C, Swift, UIKit, Internationalization and Localization, Auto Layout, Storyboard, Multi-Touch gestures and Multithreading
  • Social Conversations
    TextMessages/iMessages/Phone/Mail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Yahoo ID, Tumblr and Foursquare/Swarm
  • In-App Purchase
    PayPal, Uber,, StoreKit Framework and MKStoreKit
  • Distributing
    Crashlytics Beta, HockeyApp, TestFlight and BetaBuilder
  • Media Player
    Media Accessibility Framework, Accelerate Framework, Assets Library, Image I/O, Photos Framework and Text Kit and Core Text
  • Maps and Geolocation
    Apple Maps, Google Maps, Google Places, Geocoding, Mapbox, Core Location, eeGeo - 3D mapping and Foursquare Venues
  • Networking
    P2P, Sockets, APNS - Push Notifications, StoreKit, RSS and Networking Frameworks (AFNetworking, RestKit, Alamofire, ADWebImage, Parse SDK)
  • External Hardware
    iBeacon, Printing, Bluetooth, HomeKit, Wi-Fi and WatchKit
  • Advertising
    iAd, MoPub, Nexage, Millenial, InMobi and GoogleAdMob
  • Data
    CoreData, SQLite, Parse SDK, MAgical Record, User Defaults, XML, Plist, HTML5 Client-Slide Storage in Safari, Keychain and Key Archiving
  • iOS Data Access
    Sharing data between apps, Contacts (address book), Photos and Videos on device, Calendar, Stocks and Reminders/Alerts
  • Video
    Media Player Framewok, UIIMage Picker Controller, Media Player, Core Media, AV Foundation, GoPro and Video streaming (RTMP, RTSP, HLS, AirPlay)
  • Audio
    OpenAL, AV Foundation, Core Audio, Media Player Framework and StreamingKit
  • Analytics
    Flurry, Google Mobile Analytics and Crashlytics
  • Graphics
    UIKit graphics, Core Graphics, Core Image, Quartz, Core Animation, OpenGL ES, GLKit, SpriteKit, GPUImage and OpenCV
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