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how to choose the best web development company
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10 Tips to Choose the Best Web Development Company

October 4, 2022

Today technology drives the world and having an excellent website is a way for a business to become eye-catching, deliver a stronger marketing message and gain loyal customers at a lower price. A well-built site will clearly state what products and/or services you offer.


But how to find a software development company that will suit your needs? 

You can make a list of potential candidates, but choosing the best one for your business may be a challenge. 


The web development business is growing fast since online presence is a must for virtually any company today. Each web development company will offer a different scope of services, based on their own business processes, and provide certain quality at different prices. 


If you are planning to grow your business online, but you don’t know where to begin, continue reading this post. 



We will uncover how you can avoid making a mistake when you are choosing the web development company and what questions you should ask during the interview.


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What Do Web Development Companies Offer?

Software development includes a wide range of practices and services and solves all kinds of business and technology needs. It can be design development, website update and upgrade, blockchain development, or IoT. Web design services comprise a narrower scope of services and deal with the front-end, i.e. visual aesthetic of a website. Web development does both front-end and back-end, combining aesthetic and functionality.


Based on business goals, there are three types of websites you could choose from, depending on your goals and budget. They are:


Template-based websites

Many businesses use these types of websites because their development is quick and cheap. You may have heard about WordPress which offers a variety of customizable templates. There are some drawbacks to template-based websites. 


Despite the ability to customize them and make them relatively unique-looking, a template is still a template. Therefore, all the sites that use the same template will look similar. Read more: How to Create a Booking Website for a Tourism Business


Custom-built websites

Custom web development service is about creating a one-of-a-kind website with advanced functionality. All its elements are created with your business in mind. 


A custom-built site will often save time in the future because it’s easier to upgrade in alignment with your business goals. It might take more time initially to create the site, but your site will likely be more focused on your exact business needs.

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E-commerce websites

This type of site can be template-based or custom-built. Either way, they are online shops equipped with a catalog, shopping cart, and payment gateways. You can use it even if you have only one product to sell. Their goal is to promote a visitor to purchase from you. These websites use SSL for the secure transfer of a client’s personal data. 


The key features of an eCommerce website are multiple payment options, smart product search, and fast performance.


These websites go through a set of development stages. What’s important to know is that not every web development company can manage all stages. 


Read more: Intro to Feature Flags in Java Using the Spring Boot Framework


While searching, you may encounter companies that provide only back-end or front-end services. It may seem strange to build one website with the help of several companies. But there are also companies that do full-cycle web development. These companies have several departments other than development and design. They also have project management and QA testing departments. This option is the most convenient but more expensive since it will involve different experts during the development process.


Signs of a Great Web Development Company

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#1 Experience

Diverse projects, industries, and clients show the experience that web development companies have. Consider companies with broad experience in various tech cases that show the results proven by years.


#2 Portfolio

Web development companies share their projects on their websites or specialized platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms. If the portfolio has various samples, you can evaluate their live projects, assess the team's expertise, and consider their development skills.


#3 Variety of services

Professional IT companies provide a full scope of web development services, including discovery phase, UI/UX design, quality assurance, maintenance, and support. 


#4 Positive testimonials

The reviews will give you insights into whether your future agency is favored for projects similar to yours. 


#5 Established processes

Well-established development processes are crucial to making the work done on time and within budget. Ask a vendor about processes and methodologies it sticks to. 


#6 Streamlined communication

A development company committed to providing quality services should learn to share updates and express business-related concerns to its clients. It understands how crucial communication is in delivering results and achieving your goals.


#7 Result-driven approach

A result-oriented development company focuses on formulating a project vision together with the client. This approach will help you to save time and money on significant changes that occur in case project stakeholders have their own vision. 


#8 Cultural fit

Cultural similarities and differences between you and your web development company determine the success and failure of the project. Examine how their culture, personality, and paces match your own. 


#9 Right requirements elicitation

Conducting proper requirements elicitation and understanding your business request is a sign of a professional development team. Ask a vendor about business analysis and project requirements processes to ensure you’re on the same page. 


#10 Great company’s website

You can learn more about the quality standards of the web development company by checking their overall digital presence. For that, analyze their social media profile, website, and content.


How to Choose a Web Development Company and Avoid Mistakes

Once you figure out what type of website your business needs, your terms, and your budget, you will decide what service provider is the best choice for your business.

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Consider the following tips to choose a web development company and the issues that may arise by overlooking crucial points.


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Decide what features your website should have

You should first determine how many pages you want your website to have (other than the home or contact page) and its key features. 


N.B. A template-based website may have limitations in adding some features. Too many features may make your website user-unfriendly, and visitors will have to wait longer for it to load (which can irritate and, therefore, create a negative experience). However, no matter what type of site you build, consider your own web experience, what features similar to yours were unnecessary, and what features a website didn’t have.


Visit the company’s website

Check their digital presence, including their official website (look at the mobile version too), social media profiles, and read content on their blog. 


N.B. If they promise cutting-edge and new solutions but do not use any of those on their site, it raises a question about the company’s expertise.

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Check their portfolio

If they don’t have one, ask them to do a test for you. Also, ask how many similar sites in the same niche as yours have launched successfully. Visit those sites and check how smoothly they work (namely, pay attention to UI and UX). 


N.B. A lack of real examples or poor performance of websites from the portfolio reduces trust and reliability.

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Learn testimonials

Check what their clients say about their work on websites such as Clutch, which gather reviews about businesses from around the world. Pay attention to reviews of projects similar to yours. You may also check their overall rating and if they have any awards. 


N.B. Try contacting one of their previous clients and ask about their experience with the company.

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Make sure they are responsive

Regardless of whether it is a small company without a sales department or a bigger one, contact them to see how they answer to you, how fast and polite they are and how much interest they have in your business. 


N.B. Allow them time to answer your questions if it is email correspondence. If they keep you waiting or try to hard sell from the start, be cautious.


Questions to Ask a Web Development Company Before You Begin Your Project

A website connects your business with your target audience and future clients. Top software developers know that credibility and trust are important, and you are most likely forming long-term relationships with the company. 


At this point, you may still have some unanswered questions. Let’s look at five questions that will help you understand the workflow of any web development company.


Do you have web development case studies? 

An experienced web development company will provide examples of cases, describing the projects they have developed. They may contain information about the development process from the first steps to the finish line. This will give you a better picture of their capabilities and expertise.


What are the stages of your website development process?

Typical stages of web development are analysis and research, prototyping, design development, coding, and testing. During all development stages, you will be involved in the revision and approval process, so you may as well ask if there is a specific person you’ll be in touch with during all stages. 


How long does each stage last? 

You can also ask what happens if they don’t meet their deadlines and what are their obligations? Their methods of time estimation should be transparent and account for possible delays during the implementation stage. You should also ask how the cost is calculated based on the proposed time frame.


What is my role in the development process? 

You’re not a developer, but you’ll be part of the team. A reliable company that cares about the quality of their work will make your role clear and will keep you involved and informed throughout the entire development process (i.e. Provide mockups and wireframes for you to ensure they are meeting your expectations.)


After you’ve discussed your business goals, check how well they understand them and if they can provide advice and consulting assistance. A good web company should be able to provide knowledge and experience about the technical and non-technical aspects of development. 


If you already have a website, but you want it to be polished or move to a new one, ask if they will review, analyze and evaluate your current site’s strengths and weaknesses and take this into consideration before starting the design and development process.


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Onix-Systems Web Development Experience

At Onix, we believe that web development outsourcing can be trouble-free, streamlined, and effective for both parties. Our mission is to become a reliable technology partner to startups and established companies in various industries. Whether you need edtech, healthcare, fintech, travel, e-commerce, or real estate web development services, our specialists know all the nuances each industry presents. 


Our proven track record, streamlined processes, and vast tech expertise have enabled us to build great products for clients from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe. 


Wrapping up

Choosing the right web development company is the key to a successful product launch. Hence, it’s crucial to know what questions to ask, where to look for the answers, and what to pay attention to when searching dozens of web design and development companies. 


To avoid choosing the wrong technological partner for your project, take into account the company's experience, portfolio, cultural fit, variety of services, and developer’s qualifications. We hope this article helps you clarify your concerns regarding choosing a web development company. Give us a chance to show you how we can help you with your project. Get in touch with our experts to discuss the details of our cooperation.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • What should I pay attention to when choosing a web development company? 

Here is a checklist:


– company’s experience

– reviews and references

– company’s portfolio cases

– how the pricing is made

– what core services company offers

– domain expertise

– developers qualification


  • What are the top popular web development directions? 

Among the trendy technologies are Artificial Intelligence, motion UI design, JavaScript, progressive web applications, and single-page applications.


  • Where should I look for a company's portfolio? 

Usually, you can find a company's portfolio in the case studies section on their website. In addition, you can check their Clutch page to see the portfolio and references in one place. 


  • What are the stages of your website development process?

Typical stages of web development are:


  • analysis and research
  • prototyping
  • coding
  • testing 


During all development stages, you will be involved in the revision and approval process, so you may as well ask if there is a specific person you’ll be in touch with during all stages. 


  • Why should you consider Onix-Systems as your development partner? 

Our team of skilled experts includes business analysts, project managers, frontend and backend developers, designers, and QA specialists. We provide full involvement and dedication right from the start of the project. With our list of awards, client reviews, and experience we gained from accomplished projects, you can be sure about the high performance, quality, and reliability of choosing Onix-Systems as your web development partner.

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