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BLOG- Introduction to Fantasy Gaming App Development-01.png

Introduction to Fantasy Gaming App Development

Whether you want to make a fantasy football website, a mobile game based on a favorite reality TV show, or a stock trading simulation game, you’re in the right place!

Salesforce Security Best Practices and Tips

Salesforce Security Best Practices and Tips

Learn what makes Salesforce one of the safest cloud CRM platforms and find twenty-one tips to enhance your data security in Salesforce systems.


Salesforce Customization: When to DIY and When to Call a Pro

The article offers tips for choosing between configuring and customizing solutions and outlines Salesforce customization best practices.

how many hours to design a website

Average Time to Build a Website from Scratch in 2022 [Detailed Explanation]

This post attempts to give some ranges based on a typical website timeline and using ‘average hours’ for building and designing a specific type of website from scratch.

hotel property management systems

Hotel Property Management Systems: Features and Benefits

Thinking about creating a hotel property management system? This article explains PMS benefits, must-have features, and challenges. Check it out!

hospital management software development

Hospital Management Software Development [The Complete Guide]

Are you looking for valuable tips to guide you on hospital management software development? Read this article to find all the answers.

saas application security best practices

SaaS Application Security Best Practices - Onix’s Guide for Startups

This article lists SaaS security best practices for building a safe and compliant app from the ground up.

fintech app security

10 Best Practices to Promote Fintech App Security

Here, you can learn about AES encryption, tokenization, and other techniques, methods, and approaches to building a secure fintech application.

clinical trial management software

Clinical Trial Management Software as a Service

The development of clinical research software may be a lucrative business: it offers many advantages for biotech and pharma companies and research centers.

top Ruby on Rails development companies

Clutch Named Onix-Systems Among Top Ruby on Rails Developers

Clutch recently announced that Onix-Systems is one of Ukraine’s top Ruby on Rails development companies.

building e-commerce site

How to Build an E-commerce Website/Platform in 2022

Here you will find answers to questions about how to build a custom e-commerce website, online store, or platform.

healthcare data security

The Importance of Data Security in Healthcare Software

The safety of personal data is a vital aspect of medical software. Read on to learn about the industry regulations and ways to ensure healthcare data security.

create an e-learning website

How to Create an E-Learning Website Like Udemy?

If you wonder how to make an eLearning platform from scratch, here you will find some thought-starters to help you with the basics.

custom healthcare crm development

Healthcare CRM Development: Key Features & Cost

In this post, we describe the main functions of specialized CRM systems and detail the growing role of CRM in healthcare.

embed zoom on a website

How to Embed Zoom on Website using Zoom API

Zoom allows people to connect and maintain workflows in these difficult times. Read on to learn more about its benefits and how to embed Zoom on a website.

create an online learning platform

What It Takes to Build an e-Learning Website

What features are essential to e-learning platforms? What is the cost of e-learning development? In this article, we will try to answer these questions.

create e learning website

8 Steps of a User-Friendly eLearning Course Development

Online education offers great opportunities for educators and entrepreneurs. Here are tips on creating eLearning content and platforms.

spring flags

Feature Flags in Java Using the Spring Boot Framework

Let’s see how the feature flag technique allows to enable or disable a Spring Boot application’s functionality without recompiling or redeploying the code.

web design mistakes

7 Common Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

A website’s look may be key to its success. What are the key mistakes to avoid when building a site for your business?