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Health Related Wearables


With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), the popularity of wearable health-tracking devices has also increased. These devices make it easier for people to monitor their health. Some of the more popular ones are:

Fitbit, a line of fitness monitoring devices. Some look like a somewhat thick pen and can easily be slid into or clipped on pockets. The more popular models are the ones that can be worn on the wrist. These devices allow the user to monitor weight, food, activity, exercise and sleep patterns.


Microsoft Band 2, which combines the features of a fitness tracker and a smartwatch; it offers much of what the Apple Watch and Fitbit do together. Microsoft Band 2 measures fitness, sleep and heart rate.  At the same time, the Microsoft Band performs functions of a smartwatch by sending notifications about activities that are important for a user (previewing email, calendar reminders, text messages, and social media messages). 

We are currently working with a customer who is compiling and integrating IOT devices on Apple’s platform in a series of apps, one of which is consolidating health related wearables in an app; on IOS universal, TV OS, and Watch OS.

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