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A rapidly growing technological trend, Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices that are provided with unique identifiers. IoT has the ability to transfer data over a network without any human-to-computer or human-human interaction. There are about 12 billion IoT devices around the world today, and it is predicted that by 2020, these devices will outnumber people 25 times!

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As a leading emerging technologies expert, the Onix team of IT professionals are up-to-date with the new technology, platforms and devices, particularly with IoT development. Our goal is to provide transparent and flexible app development services (including IoT development) that are in tune with your changing business goals and the world’s fast-changing markets. We are passionate about delivering IT outsourcing services to start-ups, mid-cap and large enterprises around the globe, ensuring that we provide you with technology solutions over and beyond what is expected, in the period of time you require, and within your budget.

Our Case Studies

BSTEVR - Simulator of NFL Games

Web applicationWeb development
  • Online simulator of football games
  • Automated generation of texts about such games’ events and results
  • Database that has accumulated data about all NFL players and matches for over 50 years

Birdzilla for Alexa

Amazon Echo skill that teaches about birds in a conversation-like mannerIoT development
  • Developing SDK for PHP and Node.js
  • Enabling hearing a bird’s song and story
  • Visualizing a bird via a companion mobile app

Why Choose Onix as Your IOT Development Team?

We build, develop and support apps that complement your company needs, vision, and budget. We will provide you with personalized assistance, instant 24/7 customer service, and reach out to customers through messengers. We guarantee that we are on top of things, whatever timezone you are in. We know that time is of the essence, and we can get the job done in no time without sacrificing quality.


Where IoT Development is Applied

Industries that benefit from IoT Development include:


By integrating a wide array of technical and commercial information-generating components, IoT applications provide business opportunities pertaining to device and system intelligence.


IoT is crucial to the manufacturing industry as it accomplishes digital transformations in different aspects such as automation, efficiency, customer-centricity, and competitive benefits.


The usage of IoT encompasses the air, sea, and ground transportation industry. IoT solutions are specifically designed to connect all devices across a centralized cloud network, and capture and convey mission-critical data. This allows real-time visibility of operations.


IoT is used in smart farming applications which enables 24/7 visibility into soil and crop health, animal behavior, energy consumption level, machinery in use, and storage conditions.


IoT has impacted the banking industry as it is highly used in cloud computing, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data analytics, and blockchain, most of which are interrelated.


IoT is important to logistics as it helps in reducing asset loss. Learn more about product issues in real time and find solutions quickly, minimize costs, facilitate temperature stability, account warehouse stock, and ensure fleet efficiencies.


IoT has revolutionized this industry by elevating customer’s experience, improving store operations, optimizing the efficiency of inventory and supply chain management, and create more revenue opportunities.


IoT is used in this industry to assist in remote maintenance of industrial machinery, optimization of the supply-chain, security efficiency, and enhancing infrastructure management.

Connected Home

Home automation devices rely heavily on IoT applications, including smart appliances, smart home safety and security systems and smart home energy equipment. This helps in reducing costs and conserving energy.

Oil, Gas and Mining

IoT applications used in this industry improve reliability, optimize operations, and play an important role in analyzing assortment of sets of physics, non-physics, and cross-disciplinary data.


IoT application plays a significant role in the insurance industry by establishing direct, customer relationships, learning more about customer’s needs, customizing of product, features and access options.


The water management sector and the energy sector which uses IoT applications allow consumers and companies to have a better understanding of energy usage, as these IoT devices communicate directly with utility companies, which in turn analyze the data and then provide feedback to consumers.

Food Service

IoT enables appliances, computers, machines, and industrial equipment communicate large amounts of data to cloud-based applications that will help in optimizing operations, reduce fuel and energy costs, minimize capital and maintenance costs, and ensure consistent product quality.

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings are in demand nowadays, and the IoT system is the backbone of these buildings. IoT applications can connect and link heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technology, as well as environmental sensors, lighting, and security and safety equipment.


The hospitality industry has benefited a lot from IoT applications by integrating services, equipment, and devices that are connected in a common network, enhancing a customer’s experience.


IoT is used in a variety of healthcare services including healthcare solutions through cloud computing, help in disease management, enhance treatment options and patient’s experience, and minimize costs.

Development Process

Because IoT development is applied in various industries, solutions and IoT systems we design are customized to cater to our client’s needs. The IoT system is complex and requires development and integration of machines, networks and software applications. This is where we come in: we ensure that all of this is considered and incorporated by using the following:

  • By building a prototype, we ensure that business effectiveness and efficiency is improved through a thorough inspection of various IoT applications.
  • We integrate solutions to your IoT system by conceptualizing, designing, and implementing a complete IoT system specifically for your needs and vision.
  • We can assist you in modernizing or upgrade your present IoT system so you can cope with the fast-changing world of IoT development, and be at the top of your industry.
  • Our expertise in a broad range of protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, XBee, and Iridium SBD, ensures that your IoT applications are not only effective but up-to-date as well.

IoT Services

As one of the top IoT solution providers, we offer the following services customized specifically for your business needs:

  1. IoT Consultancy
    Our IoT experts will work together with you from the onset to ensure that your vision and IOT needs are met.
  2. IoT Solution Development
    By using different platforms, we can provide you with IoT solutions that are powerful, compelling, and effective.
  3. IoT Module Development
    Our expertise in IoT Module Development ensures that development and testing time are minimized, which will be of benefit to you and your business market.
  4. IoT Application Development
    We build innovative IoT applications that you require to help your business reach its full potential.

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