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The exponential growth of the market has made it increasingly difficult to design a web or mobile interface and user experiences that truly stand out from the crowd. To this end, Onix’s experts combine years of experience in the industry, thorough understanding of the UI/UX best practices, and attention to each client’s requirements and target audience’s needs with the commitment to deliver unique, highly aesthetic, and innovative designs.

Effective Product Discovery

Product discovery stage

The first stage of every successful software development project

Our Expertise

  • -B2B / B2C Booking Engine Development
  • -Travel Website and Mobile App Design and Development
  • -Travel APIs integration
We do UI design for fitness apps
Are you a fitness studio that has got an innovative workout program? Or you are a nutritionist who has developed a weight loss diet?
Onix team offers expertise in fitness apps design for Android and iPhone, for getting fit at home and in the gym.

Our Case Studies

BSTEVR - Simulator of NFL Games

Web applicationWeb development
  • Online simulator of football games
  • Automated generation of texts about such games’ events and results
  • Database that has accumulated data about all NFL players and matches for over 50 years

Healthy Freelancer

Fitness app to make freelancers healthyiOS/Android design and development
  • Planning and scheduling daily exercising
  • Using more images instead of text for explanations
  • Intuitive user interface design


Hybrid integration SaaS platform for large and mid-sized businessesUI/UX Design
  • Visualization of complex technology processes
  • Parallax effect and smooth animation
  • Speed illustration with Gantt chart and screenshot explanations
UI/UXview portfolio

Why work with Onix designers

UI/UX services are much more than simply using design tools professionally and acquiring knowledge in the latest technology. The best design process is based on developing user empathy and blending a cohesive architecture, content and colors together to achieve an impressive and innovative look. At Onix we provide a full scope of design services:

  • Full cycle mobile and web UI design services (iOS and Android)
  • Team of experts creating great user experience designs
  • Deep search analysis to produce ground-breaking and user-driven designs
  • Responsive design supporting all types of popular devices and browsers
  • Icon and theme design

UX design process at Onix

At Onix, we have an established design workflow that allows us to successfully build designs that our customers love.

  1. Goal analysis
    Our team begins every design project with UX consulting and objectives studying. The initial analysis sets the right understanding of business goals, considers basic user needs and drives to idea discovery. This is the time when our UI/UX designers collaborate with our customers to conduct a research and task audit and determine a fundamental strategy, reveal information gaps and preplan the workflow according to a timeframe and resources.
  2. Idea exploration
    Based on the outcome of the initial goal and audience analysis, our team of designers starts generating ideas and recommendations and suggesting concept ideas. Once we make all essential details match in terms of a website or mobile app structure, creating an authentic vision of an expected result becomes a clear task.
  3. Wireframes
    Mobile UI design services presuppose an eye-catching and enticing interface while website design services are also about adjusting it to different screen resolutions and mobile devices. Onix UX designers prioritize a user-centered approach from the beginning in order to build a story. Sketching and working with mockups is a cornerstone in UI design that provides a clear visual structure and introduces important features and navigation.
  4. Prototypes
    Strategy implemented through the first sketches matures when we turn them into prototypes. At this stage, we critically evaluate the concept and UX/UI presentation. Prototyping puts us one step away from crafting a real product design users will enjoy and consider handy and friendly at the same time. It is a significant step where we make a determination together with a customer about the future design and user experience.
  5. Design
    We create an engaging mobile user experience that corresponds to the fresh and smart trends in design for apps. We take advantage of Sketch, Photoshop, Invision, Adobe Illustrator and other tools to come up with simple and intuitive design, no matter if it is an entertaining mobile app, social networks or educational apps or websites.
  6. Result
    Once the hardest part that relies on imagination is completed, it comes the time to polish the design and evaluate its appeal and user impact. Understanding of the target audience and context allows us to achieve profound results and makes our design accomplished and emotionally appealing.
  7. Execution
    As a web and mobile development service provider, Onix will help you put your design into production and turn it into a fully-functioning product. Development is the final step that turns all we have imagined into something real and living.

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