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As a leading development company, the Onix team of experienced virtual reality developers and augmented reality developers provides the solutions you need to further your hold on your target market and increase customer traffic. Virtual Reality (VR) is a new medium and a powerful tool that lets the user interact in places in the real or imagined worlds, while Augmented Reality (AR) makes use of the existing environment and superimposes new information on top of it.

By combining virtual reality and augmented reality, our teams of developers are able to create and merge digitized models of the real world combined with computer-generated models, ensuring a fascinating experience of starting in the real world and progressing to an immersive virtual reality world. Onix can provide you with an exemplary virtual reality system, crucial in strengthening your presence, and beating out competitors. With Onix, you know you are in good hands.

Effective Product Discovery

Product discovery stage

The first stage of every successful software development project

Our Expertise

  • -B2B / B2C Booking Engine Development
  • -Travel Website and Mobile App Design and Development
  • -Travel APIs integration

Our Case Studies

BSTEVR - Simulator of NFL Games

Web applicationWeb development
  • Online simulator of football games
  • Automated generation of texts about such games’ events and results
  • Database that has accumulated data about all NFL players and matches for over 50 years

Ship VR Simulator

VR simulator game that considers water physics and AHTS vessel architectureHTC Vive/Unity development
  • Adding realistic water and vessel physics effects
  • Designing and building the interface, action buttons, and shaders
  • Smooth VR user experience and real-time screens

Why Choose Onix for Your Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Needs?

We are passionate in delivering topnotch and dynamic solutions through our best structural standards, that complement your company needs, vision, and budget. We will provide you with personalized assistance, instant 24/7 customer service, and reach out to customers through messengers. We guarantee that we are on top of things, whatever time zone you are in. We know that time is of the essence, and we can get the job done in no time without sacrificing quality.

Our highly-skilled virtual reality developers will guide you through the entire process, and also provide you with suggestions and inputs based on our expertise. We take time to understand our clients' business objectives and vision. This is needed to enact immediate, mid-range, and long term plans and requirements, in an efficient and competent manner. We stay on top of the technology curve in Virtual and Augmented Reality development, and we will be with you from the conceptualization stage to the first live launch to guarantee success.

Platforms We Serve

Our Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Expertise

  • Interactive Environments in Video Games
    3D games programming helps creating powerful visualizations of an environment, so a player can enjoy a realistic view of the rooms from different angles.
  • Visualization Tool for Designers
    For professionals, VR means growing their skills to introduce an interior as a virtual tour, sending virtual design models to customers, and making updates quickly.
  • Virtual Interior Design
    Users create a virtual interior design for their home, using fashionable furniture items and compete with other app players.
  • Real Estate Business Representation
    Users can enjoy a 360-degree interior image, making it easier to make decisions.
  • Brands in Business
    Customers are provided with a virtual representation of their products which assists in elevating the effectiveness of branding, and helps in marketing activities.
  • Visual Tool for Education
    Incorporation of AR in education makes students understand concepts through life on pages, floor and walls or via interactive white boards of different objects.
  • Industrial Visualization
    By virtually viewing scenarios in real time (specifically in the construction business), site managers can avoid accidents and improve efficiency. It can also be used to support and present project launches.
  • Media and Entertainment
    By providing users with new interactive apps in media and entertainment, user engagement is enhanced. This is a critical factor to spread market awareness and create media and entertainment sensation.
  • Maps
    Augmented Reality technology is associated with geo-location and geospatial mapping by providing data, facilities, twitter information and other augmented details.
  • Image Recognition
    It provides Internet users quick access to details and allows to enjoy a more engaging presentation which can be viewed in any supporting device.

VR/AR services

  • Product Strategy is a crucial factor in the development and the successful launch of a product. Together, we can ensure that all bases are covered from the proof of concept development and testing, storyboarding, interactivity optimization, and artistic direction, platform and hardware selection to talent identification and management.

  • We are experts in content creation which is what will make you different from your competitors. Content creation involves storyboarding, 360 video & Imagery, photogrammetry, 3D modeling, spatial audio, technical art, and UI/UX Design.

  • Incorporating product strategy and content creation in VR / AR Development entails the following applications: 3D development (Unity / WebGL), web / mobile applications (iOS and Android), backend development, webVR, cloud services (Amazon Web Services / Google Cloud Engine)

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