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Onix-Systems Recognized as a Clutch Global Leader for 2023

Onix-Systems Recognized as a Clutch Global Leader for 2023

Clutch recently announced that Onix-Systems is one of the winners of the 2023 Global Award!

software development models

7 Best Software Development Models and Methodologies | Onix-Systems

Software development methodologies were designed to streamline project management. Read on to learn which software model is best for your project.

software development ukraine

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Developers in Ukraine?

This article not only lists the most popular Ukrainian software developer rates but also outlines the current situation and reasons for continued outsourcing.

how to write a project specification

How to Write a Project Specification – Guide & Template

A project specification document not only lists the requirements for a software product but helps deliver it on time and on budget. Learn how to write it right!

best practices for code review

How to do a code review right – Onix’s guide

This article offers a comprehensive guide and best practices for code review to keep your codebase healthy and your software developers happy.

Project Roadmap Why and How Create it

IT Project Roadmap: Benefits, Elements & Steps to Make One

Learn how Onix manages stakeholder expectations during software development using roadmaps and how to create a roadmap for a project.

choose a web design company

How to Choose a Web Development Company [10 Tips to Know]

How to choose a web development company without making mistakes? You can find some helpful tips in this article.

offshore team communication

10 Tips to Provide a Communication Strategy for an Offshore Team

Here are some best communication practices for entrepreneurs, product managers, and CTOs to improve work with offshore software development teams.

best practices for outsourcing

2024 Guide to Software Development Outsourcing

This article offers a step-by-step guide to engaging outsourced software development services for the best outcomes

What Does a Software Test Engineer Do?

What Does a Software Test Engineer Do [Role & Responsibilities]

Undervaluing the role of a tester in the software development life cycle can result in poor final product quality. How many QA team members do you need?

determine the right size of software development team

Ideal Software Development Team Size & Roles | Onix

With the right software development team size, you can complete a project on time and at a lower cost. But what is the ideal number?

 accelerating software development

How to Speed Up Software Development: 11 Tips to Follow

Read on to learn how to accelerate speed of software development with an outsourcing partner.

managing remote teams

How to Hire Remote Developers Successfully | Onix

Here you can find advice on how to hire a team of remote developers for your project.

hire offshore dedicated development team

How to Hire an Offshore Dedicated Development Team | Onix-Systems

Read on to learn when an offshore dedicated development team may be the right thing and how you can hire one for the best outcomes.

discovery phase in a project

Project Discovery: Process, Cost, and Role in a Product’s Success

Every software project needs a development plan. Read about the basics of the project discovery phase and why it is important for software development.

building e-commerce site

How to Build an eCommerce Website (Timeline & Costs)

Here you will find answers to questions about how to build a custom e-commerce website, online store, or platform.

feature prioritization for MVP

How to Determine & Prioritize Features For MVP

In this article, we share the best methods for features prioritization for MVP.

poc in software development

The Meaning and Methods of PoC in Software Development

Successful product development follows a certain logic. This article is dedicated to one of the essential stages – the proof of concept development.

web development outsourcing

How to Outsource Web Development Projects in 2024

Looking to outsource website development? To get it right, check out our ultimate guide that highlights useful tips, insights, and practical advice.