The challenge

With a community 100,000 strong and 32,000 hosts in over 132 countries, Misterbnb is the largest gay hotel brand in the world. The company, which is growing in double digits per month, turned to Onix to outsource their technology in order to focus on marketing and customer service. The company wanted to maintain control of the technology in Paris, where the company has their World Headquarters.

The solution - our waterfall approach

Discovery - Onix’s representatives, Alternative Spaces, set up meetings between Onix and the client so all parties understood the business model and the technology challenges. A dialog and protocol was established between The VP of Technology, Francois in France and Onix Project Lead, Anthony in Ukraine developed a dialog and protocol.

Scope Alignment - Tasks were divided between immediate fixes and upgrades.

Development - Onix assembled the team to execute web and IOS fixes and upgrades. Anthony visited the Misterbnb team in Paris and worked with them locally to facilitate the processing and production of programming.

Revisions - Onix and Misterbnb produced an efficient protocol to test and revise consistently before prelaunch.

Prelaunch - Each additional or major adjustment is viewed by Onix, Alternative Spaces and Misterbnb prior to launch.

Launch - As each new offering or program is made public, there is assurance that all testing and approvals are completed.

The result with Misterbnb

Onix, in a few short months, enabled us to move the bulk of our technology team to Ukraine. They did so in a structured waterfall protocol that allows us to maintain control over the requirements and prioritization of tasks. I am now able to get much more accomplished, balancing our technology requirements as they apply to our sales and marketing efforts.

Francois de Landes
Francois de Landes
Co-founder Misterbnb