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In the minds of many users, mobile app development process consists of creating an idea, investing into an app development, and releasing a well-tested product. However, these core production steps is missing one essential element - marketing.


In real life, you can compare it to setting up for a long trip without thinking about the exact itinerary you are going to take and possible difficulties you may face on the way to your destination. 


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You will achieve the most success with your app if you plan a mobile marketing strategy at the same time as the development of your idea.


The role of mobile app marketing


The daily use of apps have turned smartphones into measurable marketing platforms. Mobile app marketing strategies help support offline commerce, increase mobile sales and serve as a tool to build relationships between a brand and its customers. Understanding your app users' behavior is crucial.


role of mobile app marketing


To find out how to improve your app when getting ready for an app update or what functionality can satisfy your users, you need to have information at your disposal to see how your users interact with the app and analyze your target and actual audience. Information analysis tools have become a major factor in mobile marketing.


Before you develop your app, install an analytics tool which will launch together with the release of the app. 


Which performance indicator to track using a mobile marketing tool

Experts say that it is the first week after an app's release that plays a crucial role in its extended success. During this time, you have the opportunity to find out who your users are, when they use your app (time of the day), how often they use the app during the day, how much time they interact with the app and how many users have downloaded the app during the first week. With this information you can analyze the most relevant data and learn what improvements need to be implemented immediately to ensure a user's further interest in your app.


While big businesses tend to rely on marketing teams to collect and analyze data on user activities, startups can begin their marketing analysis by relying on built-in solutions that collect and interpret core performance indicators. To collect user data, try Google Analytics. It offers a specific tracking tool to measure user mobile activities for both Android and iOS apps. 


mobile marketing


Track your user's demographics, e.g., their age and gender to better target your audience. Audience targeting allows you to analyze the user's interests and activities with the app to better plan product functionalities and design to meet the consumer's expectations.


In addition to Google Analytics Android or iOS SDK, you can try Flurry, Crashlytics and other specialized app analytics tools.


Any analytics tool has to be tied to the app before it is submitted to the store because adding a marketing tracking tool after the app launch will require resubmitting the app to the store.


Our team has experience in installing app analytics tools to ensure that the initial marketing phase of the app development process is implemented in real time. We specialize in building iOS and Android apps and would be pleased to help you get started with all the advantages our experience brings to bear.