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PHP is highly popular because of easy code maintenance, high performance, site customization and cost effectiveness. For example, when a PHP website is combined with a WordPress plug-in, businesses can manage website changes in-house, saving time and additional expense.  


PHP, first created in 1994, has a long and reliable history, and is regularly updated by a vast International community, allowing for programming feature-rich, interactive websites. The newest version, PHP 7, runs two times faster than its predecessor.


If you’re undecided whether to develop a PHP website, here are 5 reasons to consider:


1. PHP allows for user-friendly websites

Because PHP is compatible with all major content management systems (CMS), it is easy to design and implement a mobile-first, responsive website that can be managed in-house.

PHP advantages

2. PHP ensures fast web page load times

A speedy website will get and retain more traffic because users don’t have to wait; with PHP, you can create small or complex websites that load lightning fast. 

advantages of PHP

3. PHP makes your website cross-platform

PHP programming is compatible across Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and UNIX operating systems and Apache, Netscape, iPlanet and IIS web servers, with no hosting or deployment problems.

PHP advantages

4. PHP was created exclusively for web development

PHP includes more than 700 useful functions such as error elimination and parsing, simplifying and speeding up the development process of complex websites. 

What are advantages of PHP

5. PHP combines well with extensions and plug-ins

PHP supports integration of free and paid database management systems (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Interbase), extensions (AJAX, JS) and plug-ins (WordPress).


WordPress plug-ins are used extensively for adding blog functionality to a website. With PHP, adding new features or services by integrating WordPress components will not damage load times. 


We can create profile management, content management and administrative back-end user interfaces fast and effectively, minimizing development time while satisfying data processing requirements.