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full stack designer

Full-Stack Designer (Unicorn): Why Is He So Important? | Onix

Today’s IT industry puts more responsibility on designers than ever before, driving the demand for ‘full-stack designers.’ But is this ideal attainable?


How to Create a SaaS Website Design That Converts - Onix-Systems

Without a good website, you're growing your SaaS company on hard mode. And when you do that, you're likely to run into issues with your SaaS website conversion rate.

project specification template

How to Write a Project Specification: Guide & Template

A project specification not only documents requirements for software products. A good project spec helps ensure the software quality is on time and on budget.

main banner.png

How to Create a Chatbot: The Ultimate Development Guide

In this article, we share our development guide on how to create a chatbot.

VR platforms

6 Best Virtual Reality (VR) Platforms for Game Development

The VR industry and game development are growing. To choose the right platform (headset) for development, it is better to know who the leaders are.

web development outsourcing

Outsourcing Web Development Projects in 2022: Reasons, Steps & Costs | Onix-Systems

Looking to outsource website development? To get it right, check out our ultimate guide that highlights useful tips, insights, and practical advice.

design hackathon at Onix

How to Organize a Fun Design Hackathon

A UX graphic design hackathon creates new, time-limited challenges, but also teaches the participants to negotiate and discuss.

how to design a chatbot

How to Design a Chatbot: Creating a Conversational Interface

Take advantage of the opportunities that messaging platforms and conversational interfaces present for businesses. Here are essential chatbot design rules.

mobile app features

Six Real-Time Features for a Mobile App

Real-time technology ensures premier user experience with mobile apps and provides timely updates on activities and events.

micro-interactions in web development

The Importance of Micro-Interactions in Web Development

Micro-interactions in website development significantly improve a user's comfort and engagement with the content.

mobile payments gateway

How to Integrate a Payment Gateway in Mobile Apps

Read on to learn how mobile payment gateways work, how to choose the right system, and how to integrate it with your application.